Green Arrow: all Oliver Queen’s cronies, ranked

In his role as superhero Green Arrow, Oliver Queen may at first glance seem like the ultimate loner. He is an urban hunter who stalks his prey through the city streets while waging a one-man war against all the injustices in the world. But he is not a loner, and over the years, he has recruited a large army of followers for his “one man” war.

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In fact, Emerald Archer has had a host of partners and cronies over the years, forming a large nebulous group known as “Team Arrow” or “The Arrow Family.” Some people, like Hal Jordan and Black Canary, have their own superhero careers and are essentially equal partners. Many others did a great job, but they clearly exist in the shadow of the Green Arrow, and not all of these cronies are as skilled as the others.

9 Henry Fyff was a technician who offered support but could not do field work

Henry Fyff in Green Arrow

Henry Fyff designed weapons for Oliver Queen and acted as technical advisor and strategic support. While Green Arrow was in the field, Fyff spoke into his ear and gave him advice from behind a computer. He’s not remotely in good physical shape, so he can’t do field work, but he does do some great tricks.

Unfortunately, Fyff was a bit seedy early in his career and treated women with less respect than was acceptable. He did what he could to atone for it, but that was one of the first things many fans learned about him, which didn’t help his reputation.

8 Naomi Singh became Dart, and then everyone forgot about her

Naomi Singh as Dart fights alongside Emiko Queen in Futures End Green Arrow

Naomi Singh was a supporting character in Green Arrow comics throughout much of The new 52. He worked as a support staff for Oliver Queen even before Henry Fyff was hired.

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Naomi then began working in the field under Oliver’s mentorship and guidance, eventually taking the name “Dart.” This was technically an assumed identity at some point in a future timeline, but from developments made in DC: Infinite border it’s canon. Unfortunately, Naomi almost completely disappeared from the comics after assuming this new identity.

7 Arrowette was an aspiring partner whom Oliver Queen kept away from

Young Justice Arrowette

One of the oldest cronies in Green Arrow’s life is Arrowette, now almost forgotten. In fact, there have been two Arrowettes, Bonnie King and her daughter Cissie King-Jones.

While these young heroines were skilled archers who fought for justice, Green Arrow has never taken any of them seriously. Only Bonnie fought alongside him, and he was repeatedly told to quit. This might be cruel, but she was clumsy enough to have saved his life. His daughter Cissie became an Olympic archer after working with other teenage heroes for a time, but then she pursued a normal life.

6 John Diggle was an Arrowverse character who crossed over into the comics

John diggle

John Diggle is an amazing character in the Arrowverse who debuted in season 1 of Arrow as Oliver Queen’s bodyguard. It grew to become so much more, eventually making it into the comics.

Writer Jeff Lemire’s streak from Green Arrow dramatically revamped, and revolutionized, the series, giving it new life and bringing John Diggle to the series. While he is largely his own man, he seems to operate in a strange liminal gray zone where he is closer to a partner than a partner in various scenes. He’s a more strategic thinker than Oliver Queen, but he’s not as well equipped to navigate superheroes.

5 Artemis was trained by Ollie on the Young Justice show


While his relationship with Green Arrow is very different in the comics, this list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the Young Justice star Artemis Crock. In the comics, she is known as Tigress, one of many who use the title.

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But in the animated series Young Justice, Artemis is a world-class archer and martial artist who trained with the Green Arrow and whose quick movements and tough attitude won the heart of Wally West.

4 Roy Harper is Ollie’s pupil, partner, best friend and biggest failure.

Roy Harper became Green Arrow’s partner, Speedy, after the Native American healer who cared for Roy asked Oliver Queen to foster the boy. The old man was dying. Ollie agreed. And for years, he fought alongside Roy, trained him as a young protégé, and cared for him as an older brother and surrogate father.

Then Ollie left Roy without warning, and the teenager turned to heroin. He kicked the habit, but the damage from all his trauma would never be resolved. Roy spent years driven by anguish, anger and pain, hating himself and others. Still, he continued to work as a superhero, eventually becoming the leader of the Titans, and even having a daughter. So all of that, including her son, was also taken from her. He is a tragic character.

3 Mia Dearden Overcome a Lifetime of Suffering as Speedy


Like Roy, Mia Dearden had a difficult life. When Green Arrow first met her, she was working as a child prostitute. He saved her from her pimp and took her under his wing as the next Speedy.

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Despite all the trauma she had endured, she learned to heal and became a fiercely capable superhero who was one of the best teenage companions in the area. She eventually found out that she was HIV positive, which made her one of the first HIV positive superheroes in comics. He traveled the world fighting mainstream criminals and supervillains, never backing down, no matter what.

two Connor Hawke is Oliver Queen’s lost son … and his replacement

Connor Hawke is one of the children Oliver Queen had during his many years as a womanizer as a young man. Connor spent much of his early life living in an ashram, but after his father’s death, he stepped up to replace Ollie as the Green Arrow.

For a short time, he even joined the Justice League, defeating the villain Prometheus who had just beaten the rest of the League at their own base. But when Ollie came back to life, Connor began working alongside and with his father, allowing them to bond and really get to know each other for the first time.

1 Emiko Queen is Ollie’s killer sister-turned-superhero

Emiko is basically the Green Arrow equivalent of Damian Wayne. She is the lost sister Oliver Queen never knew he had, the daughter of his father and a yakuza assassin named Shado. The first time they met, she was being raised by the villain Komodo, who was trying to kill Ollie and destroy his legacy.

Eventually, Emiko and Ollie met and he became her legal guardian. She took the name Red Arrow (previously used by Roy Harper) and fought alongside him. Both Ollie and Emiko bring out the best in each other, and they are healthier and happier to have found each other.

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