Halo Anatomy: 5 STRANGE facts about the Master Chief’s body

Beneath the iconic Master Chief armor is a body that has undergone decades of modifications designed to make it dangerously powerful in the Halo universe.

What lurks under the armor of auraMaster Chief has always been a mystery to fans, although over the years the franchise has offered little glimpses of the creation of the iconic Spartan known informally as John-117 or simply Chief. Fans know little about Master Chief on a personal level, which perhaps contributes to his appeal. However, over the years, fragments of his unique physiology have been revealed, along with glimpses of his appearance when he was much younger.

It takes an extraordinary human specimen to create a Spartan soldier. When John underwent the SPARTAN-II augmentation process at age 14 along with 74 other candidates, he was one of 33 who survived. From there, he went on to become the super savior that everyone knows and loves.

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Has adorable freckles

When thinking of the Master Chief, it’s strange to imagine that he was once a child, much less an adorable little boy with big blue eyes and a handful of freckles on his face. He was recruited into the Spartan program when he was just six years old, having come to the attention of Dr. Catherine Halsey.

Not only was he the tallest of his schoolmates, he also exhibited extraordinary strength, stamina, reflexes, and an unmatched drive for success. He had an outstanding winning record for a brutal “king of the hill” game played by children, making him the perfect candidate for the show. Unfortunately, no one would see those freckles once you put on the armor, although evidence suggests that even after you got old, they were still there.

His body is covered in scars

The Augmentation Chief’s body underwent as a teenager and left his arms, legs, back, hands, chest, and shoulders covered in long, deep scars where he was severed. Over the course of his many battles, he also accumulated other scars, such as a slit that runs down his left cheek and below his left eye. However, it’s hard to imagine that he really cares how he looks under his armor, as he wasn’t exactly designed to be physically attractive. Master Chief was created to destroy the opposition, and if gaining a scarred body means that he is stronger than his enemies, so be it.

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Has superhuman strength

When the Master Chief endured the augmentation process that made him an unstoppable super soldier, his already impressive strength was enhanced to become superhuman. He was only 14 when he underwent the procedure, but even at that age, he already had the body of an Olympian. To make things more puzzling, his bones are more or less unbreakable. In fact, it is so strong that it once struck a Scorpion missile that it was unable to evade and managed to not only get up afterwards, but also flee should the sender decide to search for its remains.

He and MJOLNIR are one

The boss’s olive green Spartan armor, MJOLNIR, weighs over half a ton and is directly linked to his neural network. That means he and his armor are more or less one entity that moves and works together. A combat exoskeleton, MJOLNIR is more than a protective suit. It is designed to enhance this soldier’s already superhuman strength, speed, agility, and stamina. The Master Chief can run while wearing his armor at over 60 miles per hour, but without the armor he could go even faster.

It seems astute to say that Master Chief is primarily a machine at this point; within that armor is a man, but it is impossible to guess how much of him is still human.

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He grows old slowly

Master Chief has been fighting for decades, and when the first game in the franchise was released, he was actually over 40 years old. It may be surprising that a man his age is in such formidable shape, but despite the number of years he has been alive, his physical body has aged much slower than normal.

In reality, this has nothing to do with his augmentations or superhuman abilities; it is the result of long periods of cryostasis. Here, the body ages and breaks down at a drastically slower rate than usual. It’s the perfect tool to ensure that long after normal humans are dead, the Master Chief will be able to keep fighting and fighting until the last of his enemies is finally dead.

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