How I Met Your Mother: Marshall’s 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Career Decisions

When it comes to How i met your motherMarshall tends to be among the most universally loved characters that sitcom has to offer. Particularly among men, while Barney is often a predator towards women, and Ted has his lapses, Marshall is generally committed to his romantic partner, his friends, his family, and his values.

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However, Marshall’s good heart and dedication to the people in his life have not always served his career ambitions well. Even though a law degree made him the most educated regular character on the show, the series arc saw him lose jobs, take the wrong jobs, and generally ride a rollercoaster of ups and downs throughout his career. .

10 The best: accepting the job at GNB

Marshall Barney Ted GNB HIMYM

Money is a regular source of drama for Marshall and Lily throughout their relationship and marriage in How i met your mother. Lily runs up credit card debt with reckless abandon. Meanwhile, Marshall has his own accumulated student debt in the process of earning his law degree.

Despite Marshall’s ethical reservations about taking a job in corporate law, and more particularly at the morally dubious Goliath National Bank, he follows Barney on this lucrative career path. Morale aside, the best decision was both to add substance to her resume and to generate a large salary to take control of her family’s financial future.

9 The worst: accepting a job with no money

HIMYM Marshall

Following the unexpected death of his father, Marshall resigns from his corporate job to take up a position on the Natural Resources Defense Council. The position is in tune with your sensibilities and ambitions for a career in environmental law. However, it is also an unpaid position.

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Certainly, there is a place for jobs in low-paying, or even unpaid situations, when someone is building their career. However, several years out of law school, talking about raising a family and knowing that managing money isn’t one of Lily’s strengths, she just wasn’t responsible for Marshall even considering that kind of career change.

8 Better: look for a judge position

Judge HIMYM Marshall

After enduring a maze of career detours, setbacks and disappointment, Marshall reaches a critical decision: He will pursue a career as a judge. The direct path to this choice comes from the mishandling of a case in which you were involved in the trial, and you come to the logical conclusion that your best course of action to achieve your goals of saving the planet is to become a judge who, himself, makes important decisions.

The choice to seek a judge position marks a rare point where all of Marshall’s professional considerations come together. The position may not pay as much as you previously earned in corporate law, but you are almost guaranteed to get more than you earned in environmental law. Furthermore, it is a position that is legitimately in line with your ethics and that you can start to pursue seriously given the experience you have accumulated up to that point.

7 The worst: assuming you lost the election

Choice of HIMYM Marshall

The last season of How i met your mother He anchors around Robin and Barney’s wedding, but spends quite a bit of time jumping. One of those leaps looks to Marshall’s future, when his hard work culminates in him running for a seat on the New York State Supreme Court.

After facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit at the polls, Marshall starts drinking. So by the time he actually ends up winning, he’s intoxicated and embarrassed in front of reporters. While the show does reproduce this moment for comedy, it is a surprisingly poor display of judgment for someone looking to advance their career in the public eye.

6 Best: Return to corporate law after Italy

HIMYM Marshall False enthusiasm

The last season of How i met your mother finds Marshall and Lily at a crossroads. Marshall is offered a judge position just as Lily has the career opportunity of a lifetime to move her family to Italy to advise the Captain on art purchases. After many comings and goings and a crisis of conscience, they move to Italy.

In a flash-forward, it is revealed that after they return to New York, Marshall takes another job in corporate law. While it is clear that he is not satisfied with the job, it seems that he was making a practical decision to support his family and advance his career while waiting for another appointment at the bank to arrive.

5 Worst: giving Brad his stamp of approval

HIMYM Marshall Brad

Marshall has a questionable tendency to give everything and everyone his stamp of approval. In ‘Tramp Stamp’, this approach to life sees him vouch for his law school partner Brad for a job at their law firm. Brad quickly closes the interview.

As if the bad interview wasn’t a poor enough reflection of Marshall, Brad executes one of the show’s biggest betrayals, infiltrating Marshall’s firm to steal information for an upcoming case. So Marshall’s tendency to see the best in those around him almost cost his company, and consequently puts Marshall’s job in jeopardy.

4 Best: Keep the slam dunk champion on your resume

Basketball HIMYM Marshall

Season 4 Episode ‘The Possimpible’ Finds The How i met your mother crew comparing resumes, with a specific eye for absurdities and outdated information that they should have cut years ago. In Marshall’s case, it is revealed that he still references his past as a dunk champion.

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Marshall defends the choice, citing that many companies have recreational basketball or other sports teams, and that evidence of his athletic accomplishments could help him land a job. As the gang laughs at him, Marshall is speaking with real consideration in various businesses. Also, Marshall ends up contributing to a winning basketball team in the season 8 episode ‘Splitsville’.

3 Worst: staying with a dead law firm

Empty office HIMYM Marshall

Things take a strange turn for Marshall’s career when he seemingly wins a big case, only for the judge to find that the drug company involved only needs to pay a fraction of the amount they were sued for. So despite a moral victory, it is an embarrassment to the firm and in the episode ‘Romeward Bound’, it is revealed that they lose practically all of their business.

Marshall hangs around the company, lounging most of his days with nothing to work on. It’s an understandably disappointing situation for Big Fudge, but he seems to be letting his career stall for some time. The large number of attorneys fired from the firm were likely in a good position to move on with their lives as Marshall stalled on a sinking ship.

two Better: reject the position of judge

HIMYM Marshall Italy

Most of Marshall’s best career decisions came down to him pursuing his dreams or compromising his values ​​in exchange for big pay to hold him and his family accountable. However, there is one noteworthy exception in the show’s final season, when Marshall is offered a rare opportunity at the judge post, but ends up turning it down.

In ‘Daisy,’ the show reveals that Marshall squandered that particular opportunity, in favor of moving to Rome for Lily to follow her dreams and work as an art consultant. This was an important display of the character’s personality, as he showed his respect for Lily and her marriage. This choice was aimed at creating a better life, which in turn pays off in the future, as he also achieves his professional dreams.

1 Worst: yelling at your boss

HIMYM Marshall Chain of Screams

In the season 3 episode ‘The Chain of Screaming’, Barney explains one of his many half-hearted theories: that it’s important to take out frustrations, but vocalize them “on the chain.” Each yells at someone who is in a position of less power, so the frustration spreads.

Marshall reaches his breaking point and yells, but makes a pretty terrible life decision when he yells up, instead of down, berating his boss. Worse yet, Marshall ends up quitting his job, leaving him unemployed, with a burned-out bridge behind him.

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