How to find (and capture) Electivire in Pokémon GO

Electivire is one of the best Electric-type Pokémon available in Pokémon Go. This guide will show players how to find and capture this Pokémon.

Electivire is one of the hardest Pokémon to find in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can find and capture this Pokémon. Pokemon go continues to add new content to innovate the series for the first time. When the game introduced the fourth generation to the game, it also introduced the Sinnoh Stone. This item acted as the answer to all the different evolutionary methods of Diamond and pearl pokemon and put them together in one article. If a Pokémon of that generation had a unique way of evolving, the Sinnoh Stone led them to one place. Here’s how players can find and capture Electivire in Pokemon Go.

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Electivire and his entire Electabuzz and Elekid family have been fan favorites of the series. Electibuzz debuts in Pokemon red and blue and his pre-evolution Elekid which joins the roster in its sequel, Pokémon gold and silver. Several years later, they finally built on this family by introducing Electivire in Diamond and Pearl Pokémon. In that title, players must use the Electirizer item and put it in an Electabuzz, and then trade it in. Here’s how players can get it at Pokemon Go.

How to find (and capture) Electivire in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Electivire

To get started, players will need an Elekid or Electabuzz to get an Electivire. This is how players can find each of them.

  • Elekid: It is currently only available in nature or through trade. It is not currently in the egg rotation at this time, but may rejoin in the future.
  • Electabuzz: Players will have to trade it, find it in the wild, or give Elekid 25 candy.
  • Electivire: Players will need to give Electabuzz 100 candies and 1 Sinnoh stone. Sinnoh Stones are pretty hard to come by. Players can earn them as a reward from the seventh day of Field Research, participating in a PvP Trainer Battle, defeating a Team Rocket leader, or as part of the Mystery Item in the Go Battle League.

Overall, Electivire is one of the best Electric-type Pokémon in the game. It is an excellent addition to any player’s team and will perform well in all scenarios. Whether it’s defeating challenging water-type raid battles, other players, or defending a gym, it’s a better Pokémon to have on hand. Players can get more candy by using Pinap Berries or by setting Elekid as their party. It may take a while, but the payoff is well worth it.

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Pokemon go is now available on iOS and Android.

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