How to Replace Safari with a Different Browser App on iPhone

Safari is an excellent web browser for the iPhone, but for non-users, replacing it with something else is a piece of cake.

There are many great web browsers available for iPhone and for any device with iOS 14 or later Apple has a quick and easy way to replace Safari as the default browser of choice. Be it Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or something else, iPhone users are no longer limited to using Safari for their browsing needs.

While third-party web browsers have been available for the iPhone for quite a few years, it was only with the iOS 14 update that Apple allowed users to choose a default browser for their device. Tapping a link that is used to always open it in Safari, regardless of whether other browsers were installed and favored. However, after much patient waiting, that has finally changed.

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To replace Safari, Apple reassures that the process is quite simple. Open the Settings app, scroll down to the list of installed apps, and then tap the browser to be used (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.). After tapping on the preferred browser, tap on ‘Default browser app’ and then select the new browser from the list of options. Once done, tapping a link to a website will now open it in the new browser that has been chosen. That’s!

Best iPhone Web Browsers to Use Instead of Safari

Icons for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and DuckDuckGo

One of the most popular web browsers, and the one most likely to be used by iPhone users rather than Safari, is Google Chrome. Chrome has become the browser of choice for many people over the years and having it as the default option on the iPhone makes sense if it is already being used as someone’s default desktop browser. The Google Chrome app for iOS is blazing fast, syncs seamlessly with the user’s desktop browsing history, and has an auto-fill feature to easily fill in passwords and payment information.

Another great browser option is Microsoft Edge. While Edge received its fair share of criticism when it first launched, it has since become a legitimately great option. It’s as fast as Google Chrome and syncs with the Edge desktop browser too, but Microsoft went one step further by adding a you of additional features to make the whole experience feel more complete. Almost every aspect of Microsoft Edge can be customized to the user’s exact taste, there are strong privacy controls, and users can earn Microsoft Rewards points just by using Edge, points that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and more. .

Last but not least is DuckDuckGo. The main draw of DuckDuckGo is its strong focus on privacy / security and, compared to any other major web browser, nothing else comes close. DuckDuckGo allows users to clear their entire browsing history with a single tap, the Privacy Grade feature gives all websites a clear privacy rating, and users can enable Privacy Protection for more peace of mind when browsing. an unsafe site.

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