Hulk just absorbed his kryptonite to destroy his worst enemies

Given the Hulk’s strength and stamina, there are few things that threaten him, yet he just completely overcame one of his few weaknesses.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Immortal Hulk # 45

Just because he Helmet that it is almost indestructible does not mean it has no weaknesses. One of the worst is easily the anti-gamma rays produced by the X-rays from U-Foes. This unique threat has always proven to be a major hindrance to the Hulk, forcing him to use Bruce Banner’s intellect to outsmart the twisted Fantastic Four. However, a new comic has just revealed that the darkest Hulk is able to effortlessly overcome it.

While the Hulk is usually the strongest out there, that hasn’t been the case lately in Immortal hulk from writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennet. After the leader killed the Devil Hulk and kidnapped Bruce Banner, the Hulk lost his strength while in captivity by the government. This led to the Hulk in a confrontation with The Thing, who reluctantly let the Hulk escape to New York. Unfortunately, this reprieve was only temporary, as it was quickly spotted by the insidious U-Foes. They led him to the task, ending with X-Ray using his anti-gamma rays to leave the Hulk as nothing more than a charred corpse.

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Now in Immortal Hulk # 45 the U-Foes watch over the Hulk’s body. They know the Hulk doesn’t exactly stay dead, so X-Ray pumps his corpse with anti-gamma radiation to make sure he doesn’t get back up. They then see a red flash on his charred skull. In the place below, the Hulk and Joe Fixit face a huge, supernatural leader. The two remaining Hulks fend off countless monsters controlled by the leader, the Hulk himself being shattered, though before the duo is completely overwhelmed, something changes in Joe. With a burst of energy, he turns into the Red Hulk and decimates the Leader’s forces. Drag the childish Hulk with him out of the afterlife. In the mortal world, the U-Foes are rendered speechless by what they see. Fueled by X-Ray’s anti-gamma cosmic rays, Joe Fixit Hulks comes out and prepares for an epic fight with the U-Foes.

Gray red Hulk Joe Fixit

Although the U-Foes are far from the Hulk’s archrivals, they are undoubtedly powerful foes. The previous number of Immortal hulk showed that these villains aren’t just hired thugs, they hate the Hulk to the core and are willing to torture him for their own pleasure. Their sadistic glee is combined with a set of powers that makes them more of a match for even the Hulk with normal strength, let alone their stripped form. The Hulk’s horrific defeat at the hands of the U-Foes is more than just a typical superhero / supervillain brawl, it feels like a group of thugs tormenting a young child.

All of that is what makes it satisfying to watch Joe become the new Red Gray Hulk. X-Ray’s abilities have no effect on him, and while the other members are not far behind, it was X-Ray that would have been the biggest obstacle. The Helmet he absorbed his own personal Kryptonite, and what follows promises to be one of the most satisfying beatings in comic book history.

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