It takes two: How to beat joy (Boss Fight)

There are a number of different boss battles that players can watch throughout It Takes Two. This guide shows players how to defeat Joy.

The basic principle of It takes two is that the players must work together if they hope to progress in the game. This is due to the different puzzles and challenges in the game that focus on the two players using teamwork to solve their problems. As the game progresses, these challenges will only get more difficult, so players need to make sure that they can work well with their partner.

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This is even more true when it comes to the different boss battles that players must engage in throughout It takes two run. These fights will force players to use all the skills they have learned during their time with the game in a situation where they must think quickly. One of those bosses is Joy, who will probably give players quite a bit of trouble. This guide shows players how to defeat Boss Joy.

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It takes two: how to beat joy

It takes two Cody and May

Joy is very special when it comes to boss battles in the game because there is no health bar present. Instead, players will only need to go through each of the phases of this fight to complete it.

Phase one: Right at the beginning of the first phase of this fight, Joy will transform Cody into a tomato, and a series of poisonous plants will try to attack the players. The player in control of Cody will have to crash into the plants to damage them while May shoots her water spray at them to remove all the poison. Eventually, Cody will return to normal and the plants surrounding the boss will disappear. May then needs to spray the dirt around the boss and Cody can crush the dirt. Next, Cody will need to mash buttons until part of Joy’s plant is lowered and May can cut it down with her sickle.

Phase two: Joy will then start attacking the players generating new plants that will hit the ground and attempt to crush the players. Avoid these plants for time and Cody will transform into a potato. From here, the phase will develop in the same way as the first phase.

Phase three: This part of the fight is very similar to phase two, but instead five pot lids will appear on the ground. Players will have to stand on these covers and dodge another each time a plant is about to attack the one they are standing on. Cody will become a file and players will have to follow the same process as before. Upon completion, Cody will bring Joy’s head to the ground, allowing May to attack her with her sickle and end the fight for good.

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It takes two It can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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