King in black: [SPOILER] He just made Marvel’s BIGGEST comeback

In the latest issue of Venom, a Marvel hero makes a grand comeback against the terrifying forces of the King in Black.

WARNING: The following contains the main Venom # 34 spoilers from VC’s Donny Cates, Iban Coello, Jesus Aburtov and Clayton Cowles, now on sale.

King in black has brought symbiotes to the forefront of the Marvel Universe in ways that no one could have seen coming. Along the way, what it means to be a symbiote, or at least to have been bonded to one, has also changed. Nowhere else has this been shown in as much detail as Poison, where Eddie Brock has found life after death as a Codex within the Hive symbiote. This last remnant of Eddie’s consciousness is far from miniscule, even if his presence isn’t felt in the real world, though all of that is about to change with one of the biggest comebacks the world has ever seen.

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Inside the hive, Eddie has come face to face with the deepest wells of living darkness from which all symbiotes are born. He has also run into some friends, namely Rex Strickland and Flash Thompson, both living within the Hive, each existing simply as a Codex just like Eddie. After heading to the center of the Hive, Flash made the daring leap into the fray to bond with a small army of symbiotes who had lost their connection to the Hive, and with them emerged triumphantly as a symbiote dragon of his own creation. . Eddie’s own joy at seeing the tide of battle turn in his favor is soon undone when Knull’s presence manifests behind him. Referring to Eddie only as “Host”, Knull reminds him that none of them are actually there, all while unleashing Eddie some of the slimy symbiote that he has fought for so long. As darkness engulfs him, a familiar voice calls out to Eddie, and he’s finally reconnected with exactly who he’s been looking for the entire time.

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Between the damage done to Knull in the world above and his own willpower, Venom’s symbiote is able to miraculously break free from Knull’s influence and find Eddie in the Hive. The two bond once more, and not a moment too soon. In a magnificent display of power, Venom sprouts a massive pair of wings and soars into the skies, narrowly escaping Knull’s grasp.

While Eddie isn’t sure why they would choose to run away from the fight in question, Venom reminds him that where they are now is not a real place. Instead, they need to make their way into the real world. Venom tells Eddie that as a Codex attached to a symbiote, he only needs to choose a form in which to manifest in the outside world. With a rip and a tear, the symbiotic mud that has covered the landscape opens up and a towering Venom emerges from the darkness to bring Knull down once and for all.

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This is nothing new for the symbiote corner of the Marvel Universe, as Rex Strickland’s symbiote had taken on the shape and personality of its former real-world hosts previously to the same effect. Still, it’s a shocking comeback to finally see it happen, especially considering the sheer size of the Venom symbiote awakening from the living darkness. Joining Venom is Flash Thompson, still in his draconic form, which only further solidifies the idea that those who exist as part of the Hive can never truly die.

Not only does this put Eddie back directly into action during the final battle of King in black, it also opens the doors for other former symbiotes that have been lost to make their own returns as well. Eddie’s is arguably the biggest return of the entire event, but it has also set the precedent for other symbiotic returns to take place in the future.

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