Kung Fu Promo Teaches Nicky A Lesson About Destiny

Nicky Shen receives a warning about the fate of his deadly nemesis in the promo titled “Silence” for The CW’s new series, Kung Fu.

At The CW’s Kung Fu reboot, Nicky Shen is regaining her balance at her home in San Francisco’s Chinatown after the loss she experienced at her Shaolin monastery, but her past is not yet done with her. His nemesis Zhilan now threatens his life in promoting the second episode, “Silence.”

The promo shows a flashback to Nicky’s time at the monastery where he trained for three years under Master Pei-Ling’s tutelage before the attack that destroyed the monastery and killed his Master. Zhilan, the deadly warrior who killed Pei-Ling, tells Nicky, “Your Master should have warned you, never stand in the way of fate.” Then the match begins when Nicky shows off his martial arts skills by defeating some bad guys. He also hugs his sister and regrets that he feels like he should be doing more.

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The promo ends with Nicky walking up to the camera and saying, “I’m not going anywhere.”

The full synopsis for “Silence” can be found below:

FINDING PEACE OF MIND INSIDE – When adjusting to life at home doesn’t go as planned, Nicky (Olivia Liang) turns to Henry (Eddie Liu) for help in his search for Zhilan (guest star Yvonne Chapman). Meanwhile, while Jin (Tzi Ma) hopes life will return to normal, Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan) is not so optimistic. Finally, after lending a hand to a young woman in need, Nicky finds the mental clarity he desperately needs. Shannon Dang, Jon Prasida, Gavin Stenhouse, and Vanessa Kai also star. Hanelle Culpepper directed the episode written by Christina M. Kim and Robert Berens (# 102). Original air date 4/14/2021.

Executive produced by Christina M. Kim, Martin Gero, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Warner Bros. TV, Kung Fu stars Olivia Liang, Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Tony Chung, Jon Prasida, Shannon Dang, Eddie Liu, and Vanessa Kai. The new episodes air Wednesdays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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