Tom Hiddleston appears in a new image from the Loki series, depicting the God of Mischief awaiting trial at the Time Variance Authority headquarters.

A new image has been released for Loki – features Tom Hiddleston’s titular God of Mischief awaiting trial as a TVA prisoner. The popular comic book antagonist was first introduced to the MCU during the 2011s. Thor. Easily the main character of the film, Loki returned for each of the direct sequels and even multiple team adventures. Along the way, he has ranged from a villain, an antihero, to an outright sacrificial hero. His story tragically ended on that note when Thanos killed him. However, thanks to the time travel adventures of The Avengers, a variant of Loki emerged to take his place later. Endgame.

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After escaping with the Tesseract, Loki’s fate was unknown. Over time, it became known that his Disney + series would see him step back in time. That only served to provoke more questions, as the Tesseract’s function was to travel through space. However, those questions were answered when it was revealed that the Time Variation Authority played a central role. As glimpsed in the first mate Loki trailer, the timing group caught up with Loki shortly after his aforementioned escape. Overseen by Owen Wilson’s character Mobius M. Mobius, Loki will later be recruited to help fix reality by undoing the various timelines he created.

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Before all that, Loki will spend some time as a mere prisoner of the TVA. In a new image posted via Empire, fans can now enjoy a fresh look at their incarceration experience. In a gray jumpsuit adorned with the Time Variance Authority logo, Loki can also be seen sporting a no doubt dangerous collar around his neck. The trailer featured various moments of the God of Mischief in that outfit, as he was interrogated by Mobius and processed by other agents. However, based on his stance, it would appear that the image shows Loki awaiting trial with Judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Check it out below:

As expected, the details about LokiThe story has been firmly kept secret. As such, it is unclear how long he will be held prisoner. Similarly, it is unknown if he will flee or if his time jump will be in the service of preserving the timeline. It’s probably best if elements of both are intertwined in the episodes. Whatever the case, Loki you’ll see the titular figure embody a variety of different characters, including DB Cooper, President Loki, and more. The trailer also implied that Loki will visit periods as significant as the destruction of Pompeii. Yet for all his antics, he is likely to embrace his more heroic side when all is said and done, taking down a secret villain who could be a separate variant of Loki.

Following in the footsteps of WandaVision, it will expand the story that will fully explode in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity. As such, the Loki The series has already been tracked as the most anticipated and popular of all the MCU series on Disney +. Seeing Hiddleston revert to being a more wild version of Loki has certainly fueled him. Although a part of the series will see him in captivity, the unusual nature of his prison will make it more interesting to watch him unfold than similar settings from the past. In addition to serving to fix the recurring problem regarding Loki’s powers and abilities, his run-ins with the TVA (in and around his trial) are sure to be both funny and dramatic.

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The first episode of Loki is scheduled for release on June 11, 2021, via Disney +.

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