Matthew Perry shares the first look at the recording of the meeting of friends

Matthew Perry confirms that filming for the next Friends reunion special for HBO Max is already underway thanks to a now-deleted social media post.

Filming for him Friends The meeting has started as revealed by a new social media post from Matthew Perry. The Chandler actor will rejoin co-stars Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), David Schwimmer (Ross) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) for the highly anticipated HBO Max special. . No official release date has been announced, but work has already begun.

The New York-based sitcom, which airs on NBC for 10 seasons, isn’t exactly known for its realistic portrayal of life in the bustling city or its elegant storylines. But its characters more than made up for the show’s flaws; all six players were interesting separately, but together they were attractive and captivating. While nearly two decades have passed since its initial run ended, Friends It continues to expand its fan base by attracting younger followers thanks to the syndicated broadcast, not to mention its streaming availability. So when HBO Max is gathering Friends‘main cast for a special project, the public has been on the lookout for any kind of update.

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After being significantly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the filming of the Friends The meeting has finally started, according to an Instagram post from Perry. The image sees him getting ready to start shooting. Interestingly, however, the actor eventually deleted the post, but not before screenshots of his photo were taken. Check it out below via a shot saved by a Twitter user. @maa_juh.

Before the publication of Perry, it was already confirmed that the production of the Friends The meeting on HBO Max is scheduled to begin this week. Days later, this was endorsed by Schwimmer in a separate interview. Given this, it is curious why Perry had to remove the image, as it is a known fact that the project is preparing to start filming. Looking at the image, it doesn’t really give any spoilers; in fact, without the caption, it looked like a normal makeup snap on a chair. In any case, with many fans already taking screenshots of their original photo, deleting it doesn’t make sense now.

For those who hope that the Friends The reunion will be like previous comedy revivals. Fuller House Y The ConnersUnfortunately, this will not be the case. Schwimmer confirmed that the actors will not reprise their beloved characters. Instead, it would be more of a roundtable discussion recalling his experience working on the show for a decade. As disappointing as this may sound to those who want to see Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross again, many are happy that this special is finally coming true.

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Source: Matthew Perry (via @maa_juh)

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