Sakura is perhaps one of the most underrated and sadly hated characters in Naruto due to his over-reliance on other people to save her during important missions and battles. However, this was only the case when she was young. She trained and improved a lot over time, enough to be counted in the same league as her teacher Tsunade, the legendary Sannin.

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Sakura was a simple girl who did not possess a Kekkei Genkai or the power of a Tailed Beast, a fact that fans tend to forget while criticizing her. In fact, the truth is that in many cases, had it not been for Sakura, many lives would have been lost throughout the series.

10 Worst mistake: did not help Sasuke and Naruto with Zabuza

1 bruised young sakura

During Team 7’s first serious mission, they faced Zabuza Momochi and his assistant, Haku. Zabuza was classified as an S rank shinobi, an enemy the junior team was obviously unprepared for. However, in the face of adversity, Sasuke and Naruto seized the opportunity and tried to defeat Haku while Kakashi fought Zabuza.

In terms of shinobi knowledge, Naruto was clueless as Sakura. In fact, he was even more lost than she was, but he still struggled while Sakura did absolutely nothing. Sasuke nearly died during the battle, but she just stood next to Tazuna and watched everything unfold.

9 Best strategy: Saved Kankuro from poison when not even Lady Chiyo could

2 sakura pulls out the poison from Kankuro

Sakura had become an exceptional shinobi under Tsunade’s tutelage. Her best feat was that she had become a master healer. When Sasori poisoned Kankuro with an unknown poison that had no antidote, Sakura stepped forward and if it wasn’t for her, Kankuro would have died.

Fans must remember that even Lady Chiyo, who was much older and a medical expert, was unable to help Kankuro. Sakura was the only one who could extract the poison from his body, find an antidote, and save him.

8 Worst mistake: he didn’t kill Sasuke and she almost died

3 naruto saves sakura from sasuke

Sakura and her comrades from Konoha thought that Sasuke had gone too far and that the best thing to do was kill him. Sakura took it upon herself to kill him on her own, but when the moment came, she hesitated before finishing him off.

As smart and ruthless as a ninja like Sasuke, he turned around and was about to kill her when Naruto intervened in time and saved her. If it hadn’t been for Naruto, Sakura would have died that day due to her hesitation.

7 Best Strategy: Asked Lady Chiyo to use her as a puppet to defeat Sasori

4 Lady Chiyo uses Sakura as a puppet

Lady Chiyo asked Sakura to leave when she no longer had a choice on how to defeat Sasori. Her iron sand had destroyed her puppets and there wasn’t much she could do, and while Sakura could have taken the easy route, she didn’t go away.

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Instead, he asked Chiyo to use her body as a puppet. As the old woman made her one-armed puppets, Sakura used her monstrous strength and analytical skills to land blow after blow on Sasori and his puppets, until the two women finally won.

6 Worst mistake: he didn’t use his combat skills as much as he could

5 sakura fighting in battle

While Sakura was an incredible medical ninja, she also had incredible strength and fighting prowess that she barely used. A medic ninja was extremely valuable during battle and needed to be alive to save his comrades in times of need, so it made sense that he fought very little.

However, there were several battles in which his overwhelming strength and agility could have easily come in handy and would have even saved more lives had he fought.

5 Best strategy: accumulate enough chakra to activate the Byakugou

6 sakura activates byakugou

Byakugou was a technique that required extremely delicate chakra control, and it was something that took a person years to master. Even Shizune, who had been Tsunade’s apprentice for much longer than Sakura, hadn’t been able to activate it, however, after only three years of being with Tsunade, Sakura was able to master the technique.

Sakura was known for her chakra control abilities, and the fact that she could use this technique so early was a testament to her abilities as a Kunoichi.

4 Worst mistake: I got impaled by Madara’s sword because he acted rashly

During the Fourth Shinobi War, when Team 7 met Madara Uchiha, Sakura was determined to prove herself as capable as Naruto and Sasuke.

He felt that he no longer needed their protection and wanted to protect them. To prove herself, she acted rashly. She lunged towards Madara but ended up getting impaled by his sword and as always Naruto had to rush to save his life.

3 Best Strategy: Helped bring Sasuke from another dimension and defeated Kaguya

8 sakura gives obito chakra

When Kaguya threw Sasuke into another dimension to prevent him from sealing it, Obito had a way to bring him back, but he was very low on chakra.

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Sakura, who was also exhausted and low on chakra, offered to give him her remaining chakra to bring Sasuke back, and together they did. He later also helped seal Kaguya by hitting her on the head while her teammates locked her up.

two Worst mistake: he didn’t destroy Obito’s Rinnegan when he got a chance to do so

9 sakura hesitates to destroy rinnegan

When Obito realized how wrong he had been all along, he wanted to make amends. He no longer wanted to follow Madara’s orders and therefore asked Sakura to destroy his Rinnegan eye. Any other shinobi in his position would have known how crucial this was, no matter how difficult it was for them.

However, he hesitated before acting, and those moments of hesitation cost them a lot. Madara arrived just as he reached out his hand and stopped him, and finally got the Rinnegan, with which he put the world under Infinite Tsukuyomi.

1 Best strategy: kept Naruto’s heart beating when he almost died

10 Sakura makes Naruto's heart beat

A Jinchuuriki died when the Tailed Beast that was within them was extracted from them. This happened to Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi War, when Kurama was removed from his body. Before being pushed away, Kurama asked Gaara to bring Naruto to Minato, who had the darker half of Kurama inside him and would revive Naruto once he entered it.

Minato was far away from them and Naruto would not have made the trip if it hadn’t been for Sakura. She put her hand on his chest and manually kept her heart beating as she gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If he hadn’t saved Naruto, the world as they knew him would have ended.

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