New Girl: how many women did Nick date in the 7 seasons

Nick Miller married Jess Day at the end of New Girl, but she wasn’t the only woman he dated in all seven seasons. We’ll see.

Nick Miller wasn’t the luckiest man when it came to women, but he did come out with some interesting characters throughout. New girl. Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, New girl premiered on Fox in 2011 and ended in 2018 after seven seasons. New girl It was very well received from the beginning and was praised for its tone and the performances of its main cast, particularly those of Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson, who became the big stars of the show.

New girl followed Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), a bubbly teacher who after discovering her boyfriend was cheating on her, moved into a loft with three strangers she found on the internet. After a period of adjustment that was not easy for anyone, especially after how sudden everything was, Jess became very close with her roommates Schmidt (Greenfield), Nick Miller (Johnson) and Winston (Lamorne Morris), with her best friend. Cece (Hannah Simone) also joins in on the fun and becomes part of this unique family. Jess ended up marrying Nick, who went from being an irresponsible adult to a successful author and family man, and during that process, he dated different women.

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At the beginning of New Girl, Nick was trying to recover from the breakup with his longtime girlfriend Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), with whom he returned towards the end of season 1, only to break up again a couple of episodes later. . After that, Nick had an affair with his co-worker Amanda (Lake Bell), which only lasted one episode. He then started dating Julia (Lizzy Caplan), but just as the relationship was starting to get serious and Nick freaked out, they broke up. Then came Angie (Olivia Munn), a stripper Nick started dating after meeting at the bar where he worked. Their relationship was very intense, but Angie was a free spirit and she left Nick.

New Girl Nick And Reagan

Now jumping to New girl Season 4, Nick began dating Kai (Greta Lee), the granddaughter of his mysterious (but very wise) friend Tran (Ralph Ahn), and while she enjoyed staying on the couch with Nick, their relationship didn’t last. Then came one of Nick’s most memorable and important relationships: Reagan’s (Megan Fox). Jess was absent in New girl season 5, and Reagan came to rent her room for a while and during that time, she began dating Nick. Their relationship continued after she moved out, but it ended in season 6 due to having trouble communicating her feelings. Last but not least is Jess, whom he kissed in season 2 during a drinking game, marking the beginning of their not-so-smooth relationship. It took them a while to decide to become a couple, and some time later, they broke up.

Both Nick and Jess dated different people after that, but they still had feelings for each other. Nick and Jess got back together at the end of season 6, with the final season of New girl taking a three-year leap and focusing on their now stable relationship, their engagement, and their disastrous but significant wedding. In all, Nick dated seven women throughout New girl, and like Schmidt and Winston, he ended up meeting his other half.

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