New girl: the main characters, ranked by power

The characters in New girl they’re what make this comedy show so resounding. There is a lot to do with the characters, as individuals and in terms of their group dynamics. Therefore, it is interesting to consider which of them has the most power and influence.

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Whether it’s about power through their career, finances, social skills, attraction within the group, or their overall influence on society, every character on the show has it in one form or another. However, not all are equally powerful.

10 Jessica’s Day

Jess Day's New Teacher Girl

Jessica Day can be positioned as the main character of New girlBut compared to the likes of Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece, she is seriously lacking in the character department, never growing up, and feeling forced to tell stories far more than anyone else.

In the show’s finale, Jess is unemployed, but presumably, she’ll go back to teaching, earning a good living, but to one that doesn’t wield massive amounts of influence outside of helping children’s lives, without a high enough salary. to earn her almighty financially.

Socially, Jess practically demands that people do, as she says most of the time and forces herself into situations that she has no right to be in. It has attracted the group, but only with Nick and Cece, with the latter finally moving. toward wanting more of Schmidt’s contribution.

9 Raegan lucas

Raegan was Nick’s last love interest before he and Jess finally settled down together, and she’s also one of the most divisive characters in. New girl. As a wildly successful pharmaceutical salesman, Raegan makes a good living and is as strong and independent as possible. She also travels across the country, eventually moving up and moving to San Diego.

Socially Raegan is distant. He has a hard time getting involved, even a little, in gang events, which he rarely does. She doesn’t seem to have any non-work friends, and despite how fierce she seems, she doesn’t have much of an attraction to any character.

8 Sam sweeney

Sam is one of the most prominent love interests of New girl, perhaps being Jess’s most serious partner except for Nick. As a pediatrician in California, Sam earns a pretty good salary. Helping the children of all people and being as successful as he gave him a higher level of professional and financial influence and power.

In the realm of the characters of New girlHowever, Sam has absolutely no influence with anyone except Jess and, in fact, seems to be the victim of his relationship downfalls. Also, we never meet or hear about Sam’s friends or the social circle in general, and he rarely has time for the main gang, which hurts his position here.

7 Trainer

Coach, real name Ernie Tagliaboo, in and out of New girl; he goes after the pilot before becoming a staple of the show in seasons 3 and 4, then he goes again and becomes just a recurring character.

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Despite his talents as a personal trainer and gym teacher, the motivation he generates in people is as powerful as he is. The coach makes a good living financially but does not have so much money that it translates into power.

Socially, the coach strives to distance himself and has by far the least amount of attraction within the core group of six friends. However, he has other groups of friends and has a whole life with May in New York, where he presumably leads a good social life.

6 Aly Nelson

Excluding the center six, the best and most successful romantic partner on the show was Aly Nelson, Winston’s co-worker-turned-wife. Like Winston, Aly is a detective at the LAPD, a job that not only pays decent money, though not as good as other characters, but also wields a lot of responsibility and power within the community.

Socially, Aly seems to get along with the rest of the gang, even if she doesn’t have any influence, per se. Fans never get to see Aly’s social circle outside of the gang, but her closeness to her sister and large family bond make up for it a bit.

5 Bishop of Winston

Aly and Winston in their LAPD uniforms on New Girl.

Possibly the funniest main character in New girl It’s Winston Bishop, who would fall last on this list in his pre-police days.

Winston’s status as a detective in the LAPD gives him a fair amount of power. That’s a job with a lot of social capital and influence and it’s a career that Winston loves and helps him massively develop as a character.

Winston’s temperament and unique outlook on life can be hilarious and even admirable, but they do nothing to aid his power and influence, and while beloved, he doesn’t have much of an influence on the gang, just enough to put him over the top. of Aly.

4 Schmidt

Max Greenfield as Schmit in New Girl.

Schmidt went from wanting power to empowering himself with his decision to become a stay-at-home parent for Ruth, a choice that was absolutely the right one, although it did reduce his level of financial power.

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However, being with Cece, being the sole owner of the show until after the show’s events, and having investments in Nick’s bar, as well as a helping hand in Cece’s Boys, makes up for it. Schmidt made many connections during his years of obsession with becoming a millionaire, and within the group, he has so much responsibility and such close ties to most of them that he has a lot of influence.

3 Nick miller

New Nick Girl In Loft

Along with and perhaps even more than Schmidt, Nick Miller is the most beloved character to come out of New girl. But like Winston, if this took into account the first few seasons, it would be right at the bottom, a testament to Nick’s growth throughout the show.

By the end of the show, Nick not only owns his bar, but he’s a relatively successful author who seems set to continue that trajectory, earning not only a fair amount of money, but also fame that comes with his own level of influence. The social side of things is Nick’s downfall. Although he is a good person, he really does not mind putting effort into his social ties.

two Cece Parekh

Cece working on New Girl.

That’s except for Cece Parekh. Cece stands as an undeniably intimidating, influential, and powerful presence.

Cece flops in her career for a while before founding Cece’s Boys, which appeared to be a success, brought her back into the modeling world and returned much of her power and influence as someone important and successful in that business. As the owner and manager of Cece’s Boys, Cece is likely to take home a healthy salary, especially if the business is clearly a success.

Cece is also a character with a lot of social appeal. Not only is she in the modeling world, mingling with many other successful people for much of the show, but her commanding presence draws people to her. Be it Jess, Schmidt or Winston, she has formed close ties that make her highly influential in her social circle.

1 Robby McFerrin

Robby McFerrin, Jess’s former love interest and distant cousin, may seem like an odd choice for the more powerful, but when fans delve into the character’s mysterious life, she’s the right one.

From the start, Robby clearly makes a living as a factory designer. His house is great and wonderful and it is especially impressive for being in California.

Robby is down to earth and quite a charming guy, but he also has a lot of social power. He has a PBS documentary, is friends with many celebrities, and worked on a Santana album in his past life as a studio musician. Robby also gets along well with everyone, able to make friends and make connections easily, even within the main gang and with other recurring characters on the show.

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