Pokemon: Ash’s 10 Strongest Opponents, Ranked

Despite many fans enjoying his time with Ash and the various circumstances he finds himself in alongside his newly introduced teammates, many people tune in to see how he defends himself against opponents who wish to test Ash’s abilities.

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Whether the person is a rival or a one-time character, Ash has been through many battles that forced him to think about the orders he gave his Pokémon. Although many complain about how some of the battle’s conclusions turned out, many of Ash’s matches will forever remain in the minds of fans.

10 Drake was someone who felt that no one could defeat him and his dragonite until he encountered Ash and his Pokémon team.

Pokemon Drake

Although the Orange Archipelago was not an official region on the main line Pokemon games, Ash endured many great Orange Island Pokémon battles during his exploration. One of these battles featured him facing off against the toughest Pokémon trainer in the Orange Archipelago, Drake, who felt that no one could defeat him and his Dragonite, until he met Ash.

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Drake subjected Ash to an intense fight, and his Dragonite managed to defeat Charizard, one of Ash’s best Pokémon he had at the time. However, Ash didn’t give up and relied on his Pikachu to deliver the electrifying shock of his life to Dragonite, ensuring Ash’s victory.

9 Diantha is the Kalos Pokémon champion who gave Ash a great battle despite losing to him

Diantha from Pokémon

Even though Ash has many shortcomings regarding his loss rate in Pokemon leagues, Ash has claimed victory over many, even Pokémon Trainers that Ash shouldn’t be able to defeat. Diantha, the Pokémon champion of Kalos, was one of these characters whose Mega Gardevoir was unable to withstand the power of Ash’s Greninja.

Despite being interrupted by Team Rocket and being a Pokémon battle that consisted of both trainers using one Pokémon each, it was a sight to behold through its magnificent animation and intensity. Although Ash’s subsequent losses in this Pokemon The season will have fans reflect on their abilities, fighting against the champion of a region is not an easy task.

8 Sawyer is a Pokémon trainer who bonded with Ash and gave him an intense Pokémon League battle from start to finish

Sawyer and Treecko from Pokémon

Regarding Ash’s many adventures in each Pokemon region, his relationship with Sawyer is one that some people might respect because of the way both coaches developed and grew together. Sawyer was a Pokémon trainer who made fans feel like Ash knew his partner.

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Despite giving Ash a run for his money, Sawyer’s Sceptile could not resist Ash’s beloved Greninja, who managed to secure Ash a victory over Sawyer. Although Ash came out of the Pokémon battle as the victor, it was a battle that forced him to really think about the orders he wanted his Pokémon team to follow.

7 Paul is one of Ash’s biggest rivals who always challenged him to improve his game every time they fought each other

Paul and Ash from Pokémon

Paul was a Pokémon trainer that many fans loved and despised due to his approach to relationships, training, and Pokémon battles that conflicted with Ash’s morale. Despite being the protagonist of the series, Ash lost to his rivals many times before finally securing a victory over them, and Paul was one of them.

Although Paul was a trainer who loved to poke fun at Ash’s fighting styles and knowledge of the sport, he will soon meet his downfall in the Sinnoh region’s Pokémon league when Ash’s Infernape defeats his Electivire with an intense Flair Blitz. , granting Ash the victory.

6 Flint is one of Sinnoh’s Elite Four members who defeats Ash and rekindles Volkner’s passion for Pokémon battles.

Flint from Pokémon

Flint is one of the four strongest elite members in the anime and someone who gave Ash a fierce battle to show his old friend Volkner what is worth fighting for. Volkner was the gym leader of Sunyshore City, who became more attached to technology than Pokémon fighting to the point where he installed a robot to give people free gym badges.

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Although Flint defeats Ash, he makes sure Volkner witnesses Ash’s impressive abilities in hopes that he can convince Volkner that Pokémon battles are still a fun sport. Unsurprisingly, Flint’s battle with Ash draws Volkner into giving Ash an intense battle for a gym leader.

5 Gary Oak was Ash’s childhood rival who always beat him and his team

Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from Pokémon

Before exploring other regions, Ash always had a bitter rivalry with Gary Oak. Despite being someone who liked to show off his team, Gary was not easy to convince and managed to put Ash in his place many times in the anime from beginning to end.

Whether it was showing off his outrageous number of gym badges, Gary made sure Ash was second fiddle. Although Gary proved to be a tough opponent to beat, Ash managed to defeat him during their fight at the Johto League Silver Conference, thanks to his Charizard.

4 Leon is the Pokémon champion from the Galar region who gave Ash an intense champion vs. Pokémon Battle Champion

Pokemon lion

Leon is a character just introduced in the Pokemon franchise and serves as the Pokémon champion of the Galar region. Not only did he appear in games, but he also appeared in Pokémon Twilight Wings’ best episode titled “Sky”. Not only that, but Leon made sure to give Ash a Champion vs. Champion Pokémon battle that he will remember.

Although Ash was a newbie to Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, Leon made sure to explain the mechanics to him before their Pokémon battle. Although Ash’s Pikachu put up an intriguing fight against Leon’s Charizard, Leon walked away as the winner.

3 Professor Kukui is the Pokémon Professor from the Alola region who lost to Ash despite having a Legendary Pokémon on his side.

Professor Kukui from Pokémon

Although many of Ash’s battles with Legendary Pokémon left him completely defeated at the hands of their power, his Pokémon battle with Professor Kukui and Tapu Koko changed that notion and gave Ash a victory over the Professor from this region. Although Ash won the game, taking on a legendary electric and fairy-type Pokémon like Tapu Koko wasn’t easy.

Even though some fans have trouble with Ash’s victory over Professor Kukui, seeing him and Pikachu fend off a Legendary Pokémon was something others loved to witness. It is a Pokémon battle that will leave an impact on fans and shows that Ash can triumph over many obstacles.

two Tobias is a character known for using super powerful Pokémon against Ash during his Pokémon Sinnoh League battle.

Tobias and Ash from Pokémon

Tobias is a trainer that many despise not only for using two incredibly powerful Pokémon against Ash, but for how he entered the series as a character whose purpose was to prevent Ash from winning the Sinnoh league. Despite fan complaints and disappointment over Ash’s loss to Tobias, his team managed to pull off an outstanding feat.

During their battle, Darkrai defeated many of Ash’s Pokémon; he couldn’t resist the power of Ash’s Sceptile. Despite giving Ash a victory over a mythical and powerful Pokémon, Tobias’s Latios makes sure to defend Tobias’s honor by defeating the rest of Ash’s team, despite fainting in battle alongside Ash’s Pikachu.

1 Alain defeated Ash at the Lumiose conference, but learned valuable life lessons from him.

Alain from Pokémon

Alain was an opponent who put Ash’s abilities to the test during the Lumiose Conference and left him defeated despite having a substantial Pokémon team during the Kalos region anime. Despite Ash’s defeat by Alain, he made sure to give it his all in battle, as both Trainers kept losing Pokémon left and right.

Despite the growth that Ash and his Greninja had as teammates, their bond was not enough to withstand the power of Alain’s Mega Charizard X. The battle ended with Ash’s defeat; the anime acknowledged that both coaches left on good terms.

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