Pokémon: Ash’s Companions Classified by Intelligence

Over the past few decades, Ash has been able to create a pretty solid collection of Pokémon. He is an inspiring figure for gamers because of this, as his journey is certainly exhausting at times, but he is managing to find success. These Pokémon, of course, vary in power and personalities, but they all offer you unique contributions. However, an interesting aspect of them that is worth exploring is their general intelligence.

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Clearly some of Ash’s Pokémon are not the smartest of creatures. In fact, this can create chaos for him and the rest of the group when the going gets tough. However, that doesn’t make these Pokémon unpleasant, as many of them are actually fan favorites. What also helps is that the smartest of their Pokémon makes up for those shortcomings, as they can not only use it to be successful in battle, but also to fix external situations. Every Pokémon he has matters to him immensely, but that doesn’t mean they are all little Einsteins.

10 Gible

Gible from the Pokémon animated series

Gible isn’t necessarily the brightest of Ash’s Pokémon. Although he can be effective in battle due to his combative nature, he has a hard time understanding what is going on around him.

He also has no control over his actions at times, as he constantly chews on things around him. This even includes his fellow Pokémon. Although it is not intended to cause trouble, it always seems like it will if you don’t supervise it.

9 Muk

Muk hugging Ash on the Pokémon TV show

When looking at Muk for the first time, it’s easy to believe that he must be cold and a bad guy. However, this is not the case when it comes to Ash, as this specific Muk is immensely affectionate and constantly wants to spend time with his owner.

However, Muk’s love for humans is a bit wrong, as he is also known for embracing Ash’s greatest enemies in the series. He even does this to Team Rocket members! Although he can be cute at times, his inability to understand why this is a problem doesn’t make him the smartest of the bunch.

8 Totodile

Totodile in the animated Pokémon series

Totodile is one of the most lovable Pokémon in the entire series, as it is a Generation II starter Pokémon. Although it becomes the ever so powerful Feraligatr, it is not as intelligent as Ash’s Pokémon.

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Keep in mind that he is essentially a toddler as he is full of energy and often looking to have fun. He even dances in battle quite often, which shakes Ash up regularly. However, he becomes very effective when he is focused on the task at hand, so it makes sense for Ash to keep him close.

7 Snorlax

Snorlax in the Pokémon TV series

The main problem that comes up when measuring Snorlax’s intelligence is that he just doesn’t socialize much. He is known primarily for sleeping and eating, but his interactions with others are quite brief.

However, his constant hunger also causes him to mistake certain Pokémon for food. This makes it harder to label it as one of Ash’s smartest Pokémon, sadly. However, it is a true beast in battle, so it is very useful.

6 Corphish

Corphish in the Pokémon animated series

Corphish is another Pokémon in Ash’s collection that brings humor to his actions. However, it seems to cause more problems than benefits, as it is prone to attack everything it sees in its path. It is also usually in self-defense.

He also has a deep love for Ash, but he’s not necessarily the best of the other Pokémon. However, he is still very useful when it comes to battle, due to his strong personality and his constant desire to fight.

5 Oshawott

Oshowott from the Pokémon TV series

Oshawott is without a doubt one of the cutest Pokémon that Ash captures in the series. An intriguing fact about him is that he knows when he can beat an opponent in battle, which is why he often strays from the toughest.

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Although this can be frustrating for Ash, it shows that Oshawott is aware of his own ability. He’s also a bit of a manipulator with other Pokémon, as his goal is to get on Ash’s good side as often as he can. Although he is a bit toxic, it shows that he can outsmart the others.

4 Gengar

Gengar from the Pokémon TV series

Catching Gengar is one of Ash’s greatest accomplishments in the series. This is because Gengar is not only one of the most powerful Pokémon in the entire series, but it is also simply iconic.

When it comes to the specific Gengar that Ash has, he’s certainly a fond of jokes. This requires you to be smart, so it enhances your reputation for being smart. However, his inability to control his anger sometimes hurts him a bit in this regard.

3 Charizard

Charizard from the Pokémon animated series

Charizard is among the strongest Ash Pokémon in the entire series. However, the path of getting Charizard to listen to him is very challenging for Ash. Charizard is smart enough to be extremely disobedient as he recognizes his own strength.

Although he eventually becomes a very useful asset in Ash’s arsenal, he also displays intelligence in other ways. He is well suited to battle, as he is able to change tactics with ease.

two Noctowl

Noctowl in the Pokémon animated series

When Noctowl makes his debut on the show, it’s clear from the start that he’s very smart. He is able to use his psychic powers to his advantage, while also helping Ash in the process.

That Noctowl is smart also makes sense simply because of his royal appearance. This element allows him to find success in battle, which of course fits in well with his natural power.

1 Pikachu

Pikachu in the Pokémon animated series

Pikachu seems to be Ash’s smartest Pokémon. It’s the first Ash gets, so it’s understandable that he’s the most trained. This, in turn, allows you to be the leader of the group.

He clearly possesses a high degree of empathy, which makes him a valuable asset in resolving conflicts throughout the series. All of these factors are also the reason why he is the true face of the franchise and easily the smartest Pokémon out there.

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