RHONJ: Why does Margaret Josephs think Siggy Flicker is ‘pure evil’

Margaret Josephs still has a bone to choose from with The Real Housewives of New Jersey alumnus Siggy Flicker. The designer shared how “evil” she thinks she is.

It’s been three seasons since Siggy Flicker appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but Margaret Josephs still has a bone to play with her. The current stay-at-home mom called her former co-star while providing an update on their failed friendship. When it comes to the fashion designer, she has no interest in being friends with Siggy due to her being ‘pure evil.’

Siggy made a statement during his two-season reign in RHONJ fighting with a trio of housewives. His problems with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga stemmed from the half-eaten birthday cake thrown at a restaurant. The relationship coach was criticized for speaking ill of sisters-in-law about her behavior and, at the same time, being guilty of her own outlandish reactions. But Siggy took on a more personal issue with Margaret after feeling betrayed by the person she helped bring on the show. After countless attempts at apology, Margaret washed her hands and left the situation.

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In addition to Siggy, Margaret also got into a dispute with OG’s housekeeper, Danielle Staub, which resulted in a husband being pushed into a pool. During a recent appearance on Betches mentions it all podcast, Margaret gave an update on her status with Danielle and Siggy. While Margaret seems to have gotten excited about Danielle, her issues with Siggy run too deep to let go. “I think some people are insecure and cannot distinguish between reality and the camera.” Margaret said about Danielle. “I think that’s what’s worrying. Danielle is not a horrible person. I think she’s damaged.”

Margaret Josephs pointing fingers at real New Jersey housewives

He highlighted the harsh criticism that Danielle has thrown at him on social networks. “I know she’s getting on Instagram and saying horrible things about me, it doesn’t bother me at all because I actually feel bad for her.Margaret added before expressing the love she still feels for her former friend. “I really care about her. I think she has a hard time differentiating reality from television … I just want good things for her and I want her to be okay.” But, when it comes to Siggy, the Bravo star had nothing good to say. “With Siggy, I think she’s pure fucking evil,Margaret exclaimed.And I feel like this. She is a smudge in New Jersey and is cold, calculating, easily threatened and [i’m] so happy to get rid of her. “

With so much time passed since their last on-screen encounter, fans would think that the fashion designer and the life coach would have taken time to discuss things. But, there seems to be more to Siggy than he shared in seasons 7 and 8. It only lasted two seasons, but Siggy seems to have made his mark … even if he’s a “Stain.”

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