Star Wars: 10 LEGO sets that have never been made (so far)

1999 was a great year for Star Wars fans. There was the launch of The Phantom Menace, the first entry in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy. And it also marked LEGO’s first adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

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Toy makers released a variety of different games to celebrate TPM hitting theaters, and in the years since, they have released many new recreations. However, not everything in the Star Wars Movies have come to life in glossy plastic form, and some great sets are still missing in 2021.

10 Naboo Throne Room

Naboo is a Star Wars planet that has become iconic since its first appearance. It is a beautiful place ruled by Queen Padme Amidala and appears in all three prequels, albeit to varying degrees of prominence. While it’s pretty, it’s also unfortunately associated with the infamous Anakin Skywalker quote ‘I don’t like sand.’

However, the throne room is majestic and definitely deserves the LEGO treatment. It is where Padme conducts numerous negotiations with the Trade Federation and is a popular battlefield in the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 videogame. If done, it would allow the obsessives to recreate some epic scenes from the first prequel movie, and they would definitely be in for a winner.

9 The Senate

When The Phantom Menace came out for the first time, some complained about the myriad of political talk packed into the blockbuster. But no one had a problem with the Senate chamber itself that, thanks to the use of advanced technology, still holds up compared to the special effects happening in Hollywood today.

It is a grandiose building that contains hundreds of small capsules. Obviously, it would be a complicated set to put together for the LEGO team, but it would certainly be worth the effort, especially considering that it is the setting for the epic lightsaber duel between Palpatine and Yoda in Revenge of the Sith.

8 The Jedi temple

Jedi Temple on Coruscant

Also introduced in The Phantom Menace, and appearing again in Attack of the clones Y Revenge of the Sith, is the Jedi temple. And of all the sets on this list, this one possibly has the best potential of the lot.

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It could contain the Jedi chamber where the council meets, putting Anakin Skywalker in a bind numerous times in the process. Another feature may include the library where Darth Vader makes a murderous rampage in Revenge of the Sith. And it would certainly be worth including the training room where Yoda puts the young Jedi to the test. All in all, it is certainly a surprise that this has yet to be done.

7 Fireplace

The cloning operation on Kamino

Weather Attack of the clones Released in 2002, finishing fourth in that year’s box office rankings, LEGO has yet to do anything with the planet Kamino. It is a significant place, as it is the setting where Jango Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi fight and at the same time it is the birthplace of all the clone troopers who, in time, would become stormtroopers for the disgusting Imperial Empire. .

So this is another one that deserves the brick treatment. Recreating the aforementioned scenes would be immensely fun and could contain rare minifigures like Jango, young Boba Fett, and even Lama Su, who does the introduction between Kenobi and the bounty hunter.

6 The Petranaki Arena

When it comes to great battle sequences, Star Wars is never stingy on action. Y Attack of the clones produced a memorable final fight at The Petranaki Arena on Geonosis, with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padme Amidala all sentenced to death by Count Dooku having previously been captured.

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All three individuals face certain death but, fortunately, they can fight their way to survival. LEGO has produced little Geonosis sets over the years, but not the arena itself, which should include minifigures of the monsters, Dooku, and other Jedi as well. Fans have tried this over the years, but something official would definitely go well.

5 Lars’ farm

Of all the Star Wars locations, the planet of Tatooine may be the most memorable. However, despite that, there has yet to be a Lars Homestead LEGO set. This is where Obi-Wan leaves Luke Skywalker at the end of Revenge of the Sith, with the Jedi shown growing up there with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru during the events of A new hope.

There are rumors that this could come out in 2021 but, until clarification, it is mere speculation for now. If true, the Luke, Owen, Beru, and Kenobi minifigures should be considered essential, given their association with the place.

4 Yavin Temple

LEGO has released some massive sets in recent years, especially when it comes to Star Wars. Large-scale versions of Endor, Bespin, and Tatooine have been released to large receptions. And another that deserves the same treatment is the Yavin Temple, which appears in A new hope Y Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Dice A new hope is arguably the largest title in the original trilogy, and is the location where the Rebel Alliance orchestrates the destruction of the first Death Star, it would not be a surprise to see a huge version of Yabvin brought to life in plastic form. Must include minifigures such as Mon Mothma, Leia Organa and Jyn Erso, all in their appropriate outfits.

3 Singing Bight

Rose Finn Canto Bight

Star Wars: The Last Jedi It certainly divided opinion coming out in 2017. And the scenes set in Canto Bight seemed to draw a lot of negativity, probably because they took place at the same time that things between Kylo Ren, Rey, and Supreme Leader Snoke were coming to a head.

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However, while that’s the case, Canto Bight looked fantastic. Everything was golden and the casinos and the fondness for the game made it a hive unlike anything else seen before. Rian Johnson may have received criticism along his way, but a Canto Bight LEGO set would still be appreciated anyway, especially for people eager to recreate the eighth film in the series.

two Ruins of the Death Star

LEGO has released some smaller sets over the years, and for lightsaber duels within the saga, that’s a move that certainly makes sense. There was the Mustafar battle pack, while a special set was built for Luke and Darth Vader’s showdown on Bespin. Then for The rise of Skywalker, the fight between Rey and Kylo Ren should get the same treatment.

After all, it’s a memorable moment: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine’s grandsons, the two biggest bad guys in the entire series, locked sabers. A Han Solo minifigure would also be pretty sweet given how he appears, putting Ben Solo on the light side of the force despite being killed at Starkiller Base two movies previously.

1 Exegetically

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Palpatine on Exegol

Speaking of battles, so far nothing has been gathered regarding Exegol. Which, considering it’s the place where Palpatine is finally defeated after all these years, means he deserves to get the LEGO treatment.

Ben Solo and Rey, with their blue lightsabers, would have to be included. And so would an updated Palpatine minifigure, perhaps with a spinning head to represent his rise to full power. Exegol was a brilliant planet to feature in the final film of the saga, one that could be revisited later.

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