Star Wars gives Han Solo’s greatest traitor a romantic mission with a wicked twist

Star Wars Adventures # 4 just revealed the romantic side of Han Solo’s most treacherous foe and makes the Solo movie even more heartbreaking.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Credits” in Star Wars Adventures # 4, by Jordan Clark, Yael Nathan and Jake M. Wood, out now.

As much as Jabba the Hutt, Darth Vader, and the Empire have given Han Solo trouble, Solo: A Star Wars Story makes a strong case for his true rival to be his treacherous mentor, Tobias Beckett. Tobias played Han and sold him to Dryden Vos in a scheme that put him and Chewbacca in danger and cost him his first love, Qi’ra.

Tobias was still somewhat understanding and was not happy about betraying Han, and Solo was not happy about killing him, as he had so much respect for the smuggler. Now, Star Wars Adventures # 4 just humanized Tobias even more, with a romantic story that delves into his backstory.

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Tobias’s betrayal hurt Lando so badly in The Empire Strikes Back, but Han knew that he was once a good man because of his association. It just got colder due to the cruel galaxy when the Empire and its Imperial fleet took over. But, this story offers a better understanding of Tobias, as we see him in prison by a space gang, only for Val to release him. She makes it clear that she loves him and can’t help but risk her life, doing stupid things for Tobias.

As usual, Beckett has a long con, admitting that he has gotten into the dungeon knowing that Val would come to rescue him. Is it because he is there for a robbery, or as he corrects himself later, a extraction. The gang has Tu-Wane Jipps, one of Tobias’s old playmates, and he’s here to free him. A shooting ensues and fortunately Rio opens the place. They all jump into their boat, leaving the thugs behind, and what follows is the perfect summary of Tobias’s character.

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Tu-Wane is a saxophonist, and Tobias has arranged for him to play a romantic date for him and Val. He wants to show you love and gratitude for what you are on a cliff with some wine and a campfire, watching the sunset and nodding to your emotional side. However, the betrayal comes in whispers, as he lets her know that while this is a tender moment and something they will treasure forever, he is provoking Tu-Wane and plans to hand it over to Jabba. Apparently there is a bounty of at least 15,000 credits for his friend, so Tobias is mixing business and pleasure, and Tu-Wane doesn’t notice.

Despite that wry note, the core of this story remains Tobias and Val’s romance, a genuine human aspect of both characters. And since Val sacrifices himself to save him and Han when the Conveyex train robbery goes wrong on the Only movie, shows how far an emotionally broken Tobias had to fall without the woman he loved.

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