Survivor: 5 times fans supported Russell Hantz (and 5 times they didn’t)

Survivor has featured many controversial players over the years, and few are as controversial as Russell Hantz. Fan opinion remains firmly divided on Russell’s quality of character and playability. Some consider him a strategic mastermind who almost changed the game forever and unfairly lost their respective seasons (at least Samoa). Others see him as a cheeky, selfish player who suffered from a God complex and rightfully deserved his losses due to horrible social play and poor jury management.

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However, there is a balance and a certain degree of nuance. Russell has both good and bad traits, and both should be recognized.

10 Supported: Find Hidden Immunity Idols

If there’s one thing even Russell’s most ardent critics can admit, it’s that he was spectacular finding hidden idols of immunity. Samoa It aired at a time when hidden immunity idols were still to be found via usage clues, but Russell said “forget it” and searched for idols without any clues or guidance.

He ended up finding a handful of hidden immunity idols, effectively changing the way these idols were found and used in the future. Russell was so good at finding idols that he still holds the record for owning the most hidden idols in Survivor history, with six idols in three American seasons.

9 Did not support: his management of the jury

Parvati, Russell and Sandra sit in front of the jury

And if there’s one thing even Russell’s most ardent supporters can admit, it’s that Russell is pretty poor at managing juries. If jury management weren’t such an integral aspect of the game, Russell would have easily won both Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains.

As it stands, Russell was perceived to have a superiority complex, and the jury did not take kindly to his persistent backstabbing and arrogant attitude, resulting in back-to-back losses.

8 Supported: Pagonging Galu

Shambo of Galu speaks to the camera

Russell is often regarded as one of SurvivorStronger strategic players, and that’s evident from his full Pagonging de Galu. Galu entered the merger with a large numerical advantage, having won eight out of ten challenges.

After the merger, seven members of Galu were systematically and consecutively eliminated in a single Pagonging, and most of the eliminations were the result of Russell’s manipulations. Love it or hate it, it was a masterful performance.

7 Did not support: Lying about being a Katrina victim

Controversial Survivor Gameplay is one thing, but Russell sank to a personal low after lying to his fellow tribesmen about being a Katrina victim.

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To gain sympathy, Russell told his fellow Foa Foa that he was a victim of Hurricane Katrina and that his dog Rocky was killed in the tragedy. He was quick to clarify for the camera, saying, “It’s crazy how you can break their hearts by telling them a lie.”

6 Supported: Steal JT’s Idol

The hero JT Thomas was the victim of one of SurvivorIt is the most memorable and memorably stupid idol play. Believing that Parvati was the mastermind of the villains and that the villains’ men were being systematically eliminated, JT gave his hidden immunity idol to Russell, telling him to use it at the next tribal council and vote for Parvati.

Unbeknownst to him, Parvati and Russell were working together, and JT was later eliminated with his own hidden immunity idol.

5 Didn’t support: Laughing at JT with Parvati

This is a perfect example of why Russell Hantz doesn’t win Survivor. A gentler, more humble player may have accepted JT’s hidden immunity idol and used it against him in a great move, albeit not a personal one. However, Russell Hantz is neither polite nor humble.

After accepting JT’s idol, Russell and Parvati sat on the beach and laughed at the letter JT had written to Russell, mocking the language used and personally insulting JT for his alleged stupidity.

4 Supported: cheat on Tyson

Heroes vs. Villains it contained fantastic gameplay, including Tyson’s deception at the hands of Russell. The plan was easy: the heroes were going to split their votes against Russell and Parvati, making sure at least one of them went home.

However, Russell realized the plan and tricked Tyson into voting for Parvati. At the tribal council, Russell gave his hidden idol to Parvati, and Tyson was eliminated in a 3-2-0 vote (with Russell, Parvati and Danielle voting against Tyson).

3 Did not support: Confronting Rupert

Heroes vs. Villains culminated in a fierce fight between Russell and Rupert. The fight became surprisingly personal, with Rupert calling Russell “a terrible and disgusting human being.”

In return, Russell told Rupert that he was there to “do [his] hell of life “and he proceeded to sarcastically call him” the great and powerful Rupert. The Second Coming of Christ. ”To end the fight for good, Russell called Rupert an“ idiot. ”The rude insults crossed a certain line, even if it was Rupert who instigated the fight.

two Supported: gain individual immunity

No one would call Russell Hantz a defiant beast, but he certainly stood his ground. Russell had a fantastic penchant for winning individual immunity when it really counted. In Samoa, Russell won the Over-Extended Challenge against Mick, Natalie and Brett, securing his place on the final tribal council.

He did the exact same thing in Heroes vs. Villains, barely winning the Blind Maze challenge against Parvati and Jerri, once against to secure their spot in the final.

one Did not support: Thinking of yourself as the best

Three finalists in the final tribal council

Russell is nothing but selfish. In both Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains, Russell rubbed the jury the wrong way by pleading a Survivor mastermind and openly criticize the other players for falling in love with his tricks. A humble personality is essential to Survivor winners, as they must balance strategic prowess and betrayal with kindness and humility.

Russell didn’t do that. Instead, he openly declared himself the best player, leaving all manner of humility at the door and irritating the jury to the point of failure.

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