The 5 strangest links in Evangelion

There are a lot of weird Evangelion products out there. Here are the strangest of all.

Neon Genesis Evangelion It is a well known and beloved franchise, so understandably many companies would look to cash in on the recognizable series with various products. Still, it’s strange that you could theoretically live off Evangelion-linked products, with so much content created that you could theoretically fill your home with Evangelion goods. Coffee brands? Cell phone deals? Even food? Evangelion has permeated pop culture so deeply that literally anything could have Shinji, Asuka, and Rei slapped on its cover.

With such a variety of brands and content, which collaboration is the strangest? Let’s take a look at some products that are extraordinary pieces of merchandise, ranging from the strangest things you’ve ever seen to perhaps the coolest.

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Evangelion cocktails

Pop culture-based cocktails aren’t particularly new. There is a whole subculture in mixology dedicated to creating unique and unusual cocktails based on things found within various series and franchises. After all, many people have tried create Romulan Ale recipes. In order to Evangelion, there is a full cafe / bar offering fans drinks and food themed with specific characters from the franchise, such as cocktails based on Evangelion Unit-01, Misato or Kaji.

It’s pretty weird to have a post-LCL drinking theme, as it’s essentially like drinking human smoothies. However, this pop-up cafe inspired other unofficial pop-ups from fans, which had even weirder drinks. The strangest of all? A Shinji cocktail, a milky white drink that includes a description that says “I am the shortest.” This line is what Shinji says after the infamous hospital scene in End of Evangelion. Considering the context and content of this scene, it hardly sounds like a drink that people would be looking to order. Many people mistook the Shinji cocktail for one served in official pop-ups, which only added to the rarity of these coffees.

61-foot tall Rei slide

The end of Evangelion's third impact

Body pillows, figures, stuffed animals and other collectibles created for your favorite. Neon Genesis Evangelion The characters are expected to be merchandise pieces. However, fans may not have expected to see a 61 foot tall Rei Ayanami inflatable doll, complete with a sliding leg that people can use to scale down Rei Ayanami’s body.

The Rei slide was built for the 2012 Shiohaku Exposition and allowed visitors to scale the figure before going down its skate. While an absurdly large Rei might seem strange, it is not inherently strange given the sizes it reaches in the End of Evangelion – or considering the Gundam statues built. It is certainly a strange and equally strange and unsettling sight to slide down from between the character’s leg.

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Evangelion Body Sprays

NGE End Of Evangelion Human Instrumentality Project Shinji Chairs

Tied to release Evangelion 3.33, Believe Beaute Created a Laced Body Spray Perfume For the movie. The company offered three varieties: aquatic citrus, red citrus, and musk. The bottles came in blue, red, and purple, symbolizing Rei, Asuka, and Shinji. In short, the bottles were designed to help you smell like the iconic Evangelion characters.

Believe Beaute had previously collaborated with other anime productions, such as Rose of Versailles, One Piece Y Lupine III. While the nature of this collaboration seems standard enough, ultimately, it’s strange to create body spray scents meant to make you smell like traumatized children who are about to experience even deeper trauma.

Evangelion horse racing

There were multiple media ties over the years with the Japan Racing Association. A Godzilla browser game has even been created that briefly allowed your horses to compete against Shin Godzilla. However, the Evangelion link with the JRA – the JRA Instrumentality Project – was a series of animated commercials that turned real-life riders and their horses into literal Evangelions.

Animated commercials are absurd demonstrations of the connection machine in progress. Two properties mix in a clumsy and silly way, but it’s so ridiculous that you can’t help but admire every second. The closest this collaboration came to real life was perhaps the Evangelion-Shinkansen bullet train skinned.

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Evangelion shaving products

Possibly the most famous of all Evangelion binding products: shaving cream. This collaboration between Schick and Evangelion produced several memetic ads that were trying to sell you Evangelion-Themed razors and related products. This idea sounds strange already, but not necessarily strange, until you consider the spokesperson for the series they chose.

What made Schick’s joint promotion completely bizarre was their ad campaign. Multiple commercials featured Gendo Ikari, the show’s infamous bearded antagonist, shaving his beard. This process resulted in an eerie euphoria in which he floats with his shirt unbuttoned as if it were the cover of a romantic book. The image of Gendo smiling while shaving can be one of the most deeply disturbing things. Neon Genesis Evangelion has produced, which makes this ad campaign an absolute achievement.

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