The best episodes of Francine from American Dad

At first glance, Francine plays the role of the stereotypical trophy wife in american father!. As a result, her family often underestimates her. But beneath the cliché of the housewife, there is a confident and determined woman who is capable of great success when given the opportunity. She also has a shocking dark side that tends to get her in trouble.

There are a lot of Stan and Francine episodes, but the Francine-centric episodes are unfortunately a bit lacking. While he may not have as much time in the limelight as Stan, the complexities of his character make those episodes some of the American father!It is the best.

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“Francine Flashback”

American Dad - Francine in _Francine's Flashback_

One of the first Francine-centric episodes in American father! is Season 1, Episode 4, “Francine’s Flashback”. After Stan forgets their wedding anniversary again, he uses CIA technology to erase the last 20 hours from Francine’s memory. The problem: accidentally erased 20 years. Not only does Francine think it’s 1985, but she also forgets about Stan and his kids. With Hayley posing as his roommate, Stan does his best to restore Francine’s memory and rekindle their love.

“Francine’s Flashback” is usually the best American father! episode lists. Considering her location in season 1, she showed a fresh side to Francine. Although her “bad girl” side is often the subject of future episodes, this was one of the first times audiences saw Francine change her persona from housewife to a rebellious party girl.

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“Flirting with disaster”

American Dad - Francine Flirting With Disaster

Season 6, episode 18, finds Francine working as a secretary in Stan’s CIA office. Stan fears her presence will interfere with his good-natured flirtation with his coworkers, but Francine insists she doesn’t care. In fact, she gets into the action and ends up being the most popular woman in the office, much to Stan’s dismay.

The episode is not only a parody of the NBC series The officeBut it concludes with a sweet moment between Stan and Francine, proving, despite his often cold and selfish demeanor, that he really cares for his wife.

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“Hotel Fartbreak”

American Dad - Francine _Fartbreak Hotel_

Season 6 Episode 9 follows the Smith family after they are evacuated to a hotel because Roger passed lethal gas into the house. While there, Francine finds herself at a specific convention where she is mistaken for a murdered woman on the way to the hotel. Feeling that her family no longer needs her, Francine assumes the identity of this woman and discovers that she is quite good at it.

What makes “Fatbreak Hotel” unique is that it is one of the few episodes where Francine has a job, even if she stole it, and it proves to be a huge success. Plus, it’s pretty fun to watch Roger and Francine bond over, and she essentially copies the alien’s idea of ​​using people. However, Francine must choose between her family or success, which makes for one of the bittersweet moments on the show that highlights everything she had to give up for her family.

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“Finance with wolves”

American Dad - _Finances With Wolves_

In Season 2, Episode 18, Francine, dissatisfied with just being a homemaker, opens a kiosk at the Langley Falls Mall to sell her muffins. Despite Stan’s objections, his business is a success. However, she must also deal with Klaus, who managed to get inside a human body and tries to seduce her.

“Finances With Wolves” became an unexpected hit. It was met with negative reviews on its original premiere, with many critics angered by the misogynistic issue. Cinamblend specifically quoted the line: “What kind of businesswoman forgets to make dinner for her husband?” as problematic. However, it can be argued that some of these reviewers did not understand. While it is true that “Finance with Wolves” highlights Stan’s misogyny, the real appeal of the episode is seeing Francine overcome him and take charge of his dream despite his disapproval.

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“Clooney’s Tears”

Stan Smith and George Clooney travel together

Season 1, Episode 23 is another early Francine-centric episode that reveals Francine hates George Clooney for stealing her big moment and becoming a famous actor instead of her. She confesses to Stan that her latest dream is to kill Clooney, or at least make him cry. Despite thinking it’s a crazy idea, the two set out to find Clooney.

“Tears of a Clooney” is worth watching for the crazy plot alone. The episode begins on Francine’s 39th birthday and ends at her 40th, which means Francine and Stan left their children for a year to seek revenge in a ridiculously elaborate way.

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American Dad - _Poltergasm_

Season 9, Episode 2, delves into Francine and Stan’s sex lives. Francine’s dissatisfaction in the bedroom becomes unsettling. The ghost feeds on Francine’s unhappiness and will only disappear if she is fully satisfied by Stan, who struggles to slow things down during foreplay.

Aside from a fair amount of laughs, horror fans will be delighted with the episode’s tribute to the 1982 Poltergeist. There are plenty of nods to the classic horror film, including Roger’s psychic persona, Ruby Zeldastein, who concludes the episodes with the iconic line, “This house is clean.”

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“Shallow vows”

American Dad - Francine and Stan _Shallow Vows_

Season 5, Episode 6 begins with Stan and Francine planning to renew their wedding vows, but things go wrong when Stan admits that he only likes Francine for her looks. To teach her a lesson, Francine stops trying to look pretty to test her love. While Stan’s displeasure initially insults her, she concludes that she is just as petty as Stan. At the conclusion of the episode, she confesses that she does not want to have to take care of her husband, he should support her.

While “Shallow Vows” shows a unique side of Francine, it’s arguably Roger’s wedding planning personality that really steals the show. If Francine and Stan’s cursory discussions don’t generate some laughs, Roger’s Jeanie Gold surely will.

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