The Lord of the Rings: handcuffs are Middle-earth’s greatest unsolved mystery

The Entwives are one of the great unsolved mysteries of The Lord of the Rings and possibly the greatest in the history of Middle-earth.

By JRR Tolkien The Lord of the rings The trilogy has always been a testament to world-building and painstaking specificity. But there is a great mystery that has not been solved: the whereabouts of the Entwives. The only time the Ents’ female counterparts are mentioned in the movies is in the director’s cut of Peter Jackson. The two Towers And even then it just touches In the books, the subject of Entwives remains elusive and seems to be a mystery even to Tolkien himself.

The Ents are one of the oldest creatures to walk through Middle-earth, as Yavanna, one of the Valar, put them there to prevent the dwarves from cutting down the forests. Ents are often considered the shepherds of the trees and ultimately began to look more and more like them after caring for them for so many years. Their counterparts were the Entwives, also known as female Ents, who also guarded the trees in a different part of the Fangorn Forest.

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Before the Third Age, when The Hobbit Y The Lord of the rings took place, the Entwives wanted to leave Fangorn and travel east, to the Brown Lands, later named, to start a beautiful garden. They left their husbands and fellow Ents behind to fulfill their dream. But when Treebeard searched for them, especially his wife Fimbrethil, he couldn’t find them and assumed they were lost.

Fimbrethil was known to be the most beautiful of the Entwives and was the eternal love of Treebeard. His loss and all the other Entwives were devastating. Not to mention there was no closure considering they disappeared without a trace. While Peter Jackson remains loyal to Tolkien’s original version of the story, there is still not much to go on. Tolkien greatly wanted the Entwives’ whereabouts to remain a mystery, even to him.

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However, there is a plausible theory about what happened to them, although it will always be unconfirmed. Sometime after the Entwives headed east, the War of the Last Alliance took place and burned the land below it, turning the land east of Fangorn into the Brown Lands. There was no life left, just dirt and dust. With that in mind, it is quite possible that the Entwives’ gardens were destroyed during the War, dragging their protectors with them. It would explain why they suddenly disappeared without a trace or word of where they went.

Unfortunately, we will never know Tolkien’s true reason for the Entwives’ sudden disappearance. It is even more tragic when Treebeard recounts it in The two Towers for it is clear that the pain of her loss has not lessened over the years. If anything, the unknown makes the pain worse. While the theory of the Last Alliance War is plausible, it can never be fully confirmed, making the Entiwives the biggest unsolved mystery Middle-earth has to offer.

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