The Most Powerful Unevolved Pokémon

Pokémon evolution is often used to measure the strength and growth of a Pokémon; however, there is a species that does not need to evolve to be strong.

Evolution has been used as a sign of strength in the Pokemon series from the beginning. Turning Pokémon into bigger, better beasts is an exciting key mechanic in games, as well as anime. Starter Pokémon always have three evolutions, and some of the more popular Pokémon designs are final evolutionary forms. Because of this, it’s easy to forget about Pokémon that don’t evolve at all. Of these Pokémon, there is a Normal type that is a great asset for any team and is a powerhouse from a very early level.

Miltank is a Normal-type Pokémon added to the Pokédex during Generation 2. The cow-inspired design may seem ridiculous and uninteresting, but Miltank is surprisingly powerful for those who want a strong Normal-type for their team. Miltank has a unique move set, including some specific moves that make it difficult to face. At level 5, Miltank learns the Deploy movement. This is a ground-type move that takes place for 5 turns. Each turn, the movement’s damage is doubled. He also has a move called Milk Drink, which he learns at level 35. This move restores 50% of the user’s HP without consequences. Because Milktank is a Normal-type, he can also learn a lot of very powerful moves using TMs, like Solar Beam and Blizzard.

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Miltank also has unusually high defense. By using Defense Up and HP Up items, Miltank can turn into a Pokémon that can take a serious hit. Miltank may have one of two of From Pokémon Lots of abilities too: Thick Fat increases resistance to Fire-type and Ice-type moves, while Scrappy allows Normal-type moves to hit Ghost-type Pokémon. It can also have Hidden Ability Sap Sipper, which increases attack status when Miltank is hit by a Grass-type move. Each of these buffs only increases Miltank’s usefulness in battle.

Why Whitney’s Miltank is an infamous Pokémon

Whitney Pokemon

Those who played any Generation 2 Pokemon The games are likely to recall his meeting with Whitney, a regular-type gym leader. Whitney’s Miltank has earned infamy as a super powerful Pokémon. Whitney’s Gym is the third gym players face when traveling through the Johto region, and it can be a real challenge for those unprepared. Whitney’s Miltank is at level 20 and can perform a series of forceful moves, most notably Rollout. It’s not uncommon for Whitney to wipe out the challenger the first time, or even the second and third time he faces them.

While there are many evolved Pokémon that could offer Miltank-like performance, early access to powerful moves may be reason enough to give Miltank a shot. While the Pokemon The series can put an additional emphasis on species that evolve into massive beasts, sometimes it is the simplest choice that can land the most powerful blows.

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