The OTHER Twilight actor, Stephenie Meyer, wanted to play Edward

One of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s short-listed selections for the role of Edward Cullen ended up playing another member of the Cullen clan.

Twilight Star Robert Pattinson was one of the most popular choices to play Edward Cullen among fans of the novels, but which of the actors in the franchise did author Stephenie Meyer want for the role? Launched in 2008, Twilight was a grumpy, serious teenage vampire romance that earned the scorn of critics, but nevertheless managed to earn a phenomenal $ 407 million at the box office, recouping more than ten times its budget. The Twilight The films were adaptations of author Meyers’ popular paranormal romance novels of the same name, and each subsequent film garnered impressive box office acceptance while still garnering largely negative critical reviews.

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The Twilight At times, even his own actors would poke fun at the movies, and Robert Pattinson once said he regretted being on the show. However, Pattinson wasn’t the author’s first choice for the role of the 117-year-old secret vampire / high school student Edward, and Meyer wanted future Superman Henry Cavill to play the role.

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When the author did an online fan poll on who should play the leading roles in the Twilight In movies, Pattinson was one of the most popular choices for Edward, but the actor didn’t even make the short list Meyers compiled of his own preferences. However, another actor from the Twilight the series did. Although Jackson Rathbone ended up playing Jasper Hale, he was on Meyers’ Edward shortlist, despite not being among the fan-favorite picks for the role.

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale Twilight's 10th Anniversary

Robert Pattinson, like the too old Henry Cavill, was already relatively well known thanks to the Harry Potter films. However, the author herself did not see it on paper. Compared to Pattinson or Cavill, Rathbone was not well known when Meyers singled out him as a potential Edward, with a small role in the 2008 sitcom. Big stan and a guest role in The oc being his most notable screen credits at the time. From the Twilight With the series over, Rathbone has risen to independent stardom, with her most recent roles in the 2019 political satire. The Wall of Mexico and those of 2018 Samson.

In contrast, fan favorite Pattinson has dabbled in all kinds of weird independent roles (and weirder accents) in his time since playing Edward Cullen, but between Beginning and the upcoming lead role in Matt Reeves The batman, the actor has also had no trouble finding blockbuster roles. Meanwhile, while Meyers’ original pick for Bella, A series of unfortunate eventsStar Emily Browning hasn’t had many blockbuster roles, eventually Bella performer Kristen Stewart has had no trouble finding stardom in the years since her career ended. Twilight paper.

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