Them Season 2: What to Expect

THEY premiered their first season, titled Covenant, on Amazon Prime, but season 2 of the terrifying horror anthology is already in the works.

THEY Season 2 is officially on its way, and here is everything that is currently known about the new anthology series. THEY premiered its first season, Covenant, on Amazon Prime in April 2021, and the story follows the Emory family as they move from North Carolina to a white neighborhood in Compton, California in the 1950s. For the next ten days, the Emory are plagued of the horrors of his racist white neighbors and the appearances in his new home.

Series creator Little Marvin drew on postwar 1950s history and the Great Migration in America to set the stage for Emory’s House of Horrors. THEYThe incredible cast, which includes Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill and Shahadi Wright Joseph, brings the characters of the Compton neighborhood to life.

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While the Emory story concluded at the end of Season 1, there is more in store for THEY season 2, although the story itself will not follow the same path. Here are the details so far.

Season 2 Renewal

Ashley Thomas as Henry Emory

Amazon Prime greenlit an initial order for two seasons of THEY, so season 2 is already coming. It has not yet been determined if the series will have more seasons, but as an anthology, it shouldn’t be a problem to continually put out new stories.

Season 2 release date

Shahadi Wright Joseph as Ruby Emory in them

There is no official release date yet for THEY season 2, but production could start at any time since season 2 has already been ordered. The first season launched in April 2021, so it is likely to be at least 2022 before the next season’s releases, if not later due to the ongoing pandemic.

Season 2 Cast

What THEY is a horror anthology series, similar in form to American horror story, the next season will move on to a new cast of characters. However, there is the possibility that certain characters in THEY: Pact to reprise their roles if the story lends itself to a crossover. Even if the story takes place away from the events at Emory’s house in Compton, certain entities introduced in season one may appear, though not necessarily with the same cast.

Season 2 story details

Melody Hurd as Gracie Emory in Them

THEY Season 1 ended the Emorys saga, so season two will go into a new story with new characters. There are no details of the story published for THEY season 2, but you can change the time period and location to explore the show’s black horror themes in a different setting. More details about THEY season 2, but Little Marvin is sure to have another terrifying story in the works.

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