What Chelsea Peretti Has Done Since Leaving Brooklyn 99

What has Chelsea Peretti done since leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2019? Here’s an update on the career of the actress who played Gina Linetti.

What has Chelsea Peretti done since she left? Brooklyn nine nine? The American actress exited the television show in 2019 after a five-season run as Gina Linetti, one of the series’ most popular characters. Since 2016, Peretti has been married to filmmaker Jordan Peele as she continually developed her resume on mainstream television and film.

Peretti announced her decision to leave Brooklyn nine nine in October 2018. Five months earlier, Fox canceled the series, but immediately found a new home at NBC. Peretti encouraged the Brooklyn nine nine the main cast with their comedic portrayal of Gina Linetti, a clerical character who feels loyal to her longtime friend / colleague Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) while baffling and entertaining her peers with a nonchalant demeanor and narcissistic demeanor.

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Brooklyn nine nine Season 6 begins with Peretti as the main character, but eventually leaves the series for good after appearing in “Four Movements” and “Return of the King.” Since then, Peretti has focused primarily on other television work, as she lent her voice to Piper in The Simpsons season 30 episode “Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy” and voiced Lauren in The Simpsons production of season 31 “Highway to Well”. He also used his vocal skills for Angie in American father! (“Jeff and The Dank Ass Weed Factory”) and Crank Yankers season 5. Peretti has also continued to work on the hit Netflix show. Big Mouth, with recurring voice roles as Cellsea and Monica Foreman-Greenwald.

Peretti has landed numerous screen roles in television and movies since he left. Brooklyn nine nine. She played Patsy Monahan in the Find party season 3 episode “The Whistleblower” and headlined the 2019 film Spinster like Gaby, a 39-year-old woman who worries about whether or not she will be able to have children. Peretti also appeared as Sara Rodgers in the 2020 drama. The photograph starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield, then joined the cast of the 2020 comedy Friendship with Malin Ã…kerman, Kat Dennings and Jane Seymour.

In 2021, Peretti voiced Lara Silverblatt in The great north season 1 episode “Avocado Barter Adventure” and will be part of the all-star voice cast of Sing 2, a continuation of the 2016 film Illumination Sing. Peretti has also been keeping busy with stand-up comedy, as evidenced by two EP releases in 2020, Foam and floating debris Y Phosphorescent panic – Y organized the podcast Call Chelsea Peretti until April 2020. During an August 2020 interview (via Indiewire), Peretti stated that Brooklyn nine nine Season 8 should withdraw funds from the police in response to ongoing institutional corruption in the real world:

“‘A lot of my friends and family right now, that’s their livelihood and they’re on that show, so it’s hard for me to want to undermine them. I know they’re working to reshape next season. Very curious and interested to see what What they do, “said Peretti.” I understand what people are saying. I understand their concerns, and you know, my thinking was like, ‘They should defund the police!’ And have everyone do community-oriented work. Probably not that. whatever they’re going to do. But I’m eager to see what they do because I know they have to respond to this, the unfortunate reality that the police have been and are. “

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