Who is Beilert Valance? Star Wars Cyborg Bounty Hunter explained

Beilert Valance is a Star Wars bounty hunter with a role to play in the upcoming War of the Bounty Hunters event, but who exactly is he?

Cyborg Bounty Hunter Beilert border recently returned to Star Wars comic canon after many years. The antihero made his debut in 1978, in the 1970s. Star Wars series published by Marvel Comics. Eventually, when the Star Wars The comic universe was rebooted, its story became part of Legends of Star Wars, the stories are no longer considered canon after the acquisition of Star Wars of Disney in 2012. Now he’s back and about to play a major role in the next Bounty hunter war event. So who exactly is it and why does it matter?

Beilert Valance first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Star Wars (1977) # 16, written by Archie Goodwin with art by Walt Simonson. Valance, a former Imperial soldier, is shown to have a personal vendetta against the droids. He hates droids of all kinds, and believes that machines are nothing more than imitators of man. Destroy all the droids you find. This is ironic, as at the end of the issue it is revealed that he is himself partly a robot. Valance’s accident that turned him into a cyborg occurred during his time with the Empire. After the accident, which involved a rogue aerial torpedo, he was saved, much to his dismay. His hatred for the droids extends to hating Luke Skywalker for being around C-3PO and R2-D2.

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By tracking down Luke, Valance becomes something of a rival to Darth Vader, who is also looking for Luke. However, Beilert finds him first and the two fight. Star Wars # 27 Y # 29 show the confrontation, in which C-3PO helps Luke, and reveals to the bounty hunter that humans and droids may have legitimate associations. Beilert lets the two of them go, left in a state of disbelief and confusion regarding his own identity as a cyborg. Over time, Beilert Valance becomes a distant ally of Luke, who wants to put off Vader finding him so he can give Luke time to get further away and become stronger. Vader and Beilert fight, but ultimately Vader kills the cyborg, ending his existence in the Legends timeline.

A new Star Wars comic Canon was born with the release of the Star Wars series in 2015. Beilert Valance’s first major canonical appearance came in the series Star Wars: Han Solo – Imperial Cadet. Valance is a cadet at the academy along with Han Solo. This series provides the backstory of his transformation into a cyborg. He is Han’s rival and a bit of a bully who believes in the Empire and what they are doing. After an accident, Han saves Valance, putting himself in danger, while Valance uncovers the stark truth about how the Empire treats its soldiers.

Then appeared in Star Wars: Target Vader in 2019. This series focuses on his efforts to hunt down Darth Vader after being hired by a group called the Hidden Hand. More details on her backstory are given in this series. Valance is the son of a miner who dreamed of being an Imperial pilot. He gives everything to the Empire, only to be discharged after his injury. Their home planet is abandoned by the Empire, leaving it prey to the invaders. This results in Valance having a personal vendetta against the Empire.

As shown in the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter series, written by Ethan Sacks with art by Paolo Villanelli, Valance has worked with several bounty hunters, including his former mentor Nakano Lash, Bossk, Boba Fett, and Dengar, as well as some lesser known. Dengar has betrayed Beilert twice, but they have come to blows three times. Beilert used to have a romantic history with a woman named Yurala, but his insecurities about his cybernetic condition and his former dreams of being an Imperial pilot caused him to never have a real relationship with her. Aside from these associations, he is a loner, moving from place to place capturing rewards or looking for rivals, such as Boba Fett, to settle scores. Beilert border will appear prominently in the next Star Wars comic crossover event, War of the bounty hunters, in May 2021.

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