Who is Resident Evil Village’s mother, Miranda?

Mother Miranda may or may not be central to the Resident Evil Village story, but she seems to have control over Lady Dimitrescu and probably others.

Capcom’s marketing star for Resident Evil Village is undoubtedly Lady Dimitrescu, the tall, or vampire-like vampire antagonist of the player character, Ethan Winters. But in some of the more recent footage from the horror game, Dimitrescu mentions a previously unknown person named Mother Miranda. This mysterious figure could potentially be instrumental to the plot, however there are only a few things that can be realistically guessed from clues.

The well-known story of RE8 revolves around Ethan Winters, who ends up in a mysterious town, presumably located somewhere in Romania or Hungary, based on Dimitrescu’s supposed origins. Thanks in part to Maid demo for Resident Evil Village, PS5 players have had a chance to get closer Town’s tall woman already.

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A key scene in the last Resident Evil Village The videos involve Lady Dimitrescu sitting down for a phone call. It is his responses to the unheard caller that first identifies Miranda, and in particular Dimitrescu always uses the Honorary Mother Miranda, implying that he has some sort of higher rank. In Catholicism, Mother Superior is one of the terms used to refer to the head of a religious order, such as an abbey. That could literally apply to Miranda, but given the context, she is most likely someone who ranks higher than Lady Dimitrescu in a cult or some sinister organization.

What is known about mother Miranda in RE8 so far

In the recent game trailer, Dimitrescu mentions that Winters has “ran away from that fool Heisenberg, “and promises that Heisenberg, another mystery character, will pay. But more importantly, Miranda reminds Dimitrescu that Winters is vital to”the ceremony, “as it cannot be completed without him. While it is unknown what that ceremony might entail, this supports the idea that Miranda heads some kind of religious cult group. Dimitrescu is not completely loyal, in any case he throws a tantrum. violent after the call is over, more concerned with revenge. Presumably, the player will face off and kill both characters first Resident Evil Village it’s over, unless Capcom aims to stretch the plot across multiple games or one character kills the other.

Mother Miranda may or may not be central to the story. If so, players are unlikely to learn more about it until Resident Wicked town launches May 7. The cryptic references in Capcom’s marketing suggest a much more elaborate plot, which would be part of the series’ course. It is even possible that she is the masked figure in a recent resident Evil Japanese announcement, although this has not been officially confirmed.

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