Why An Audio Chat Feature Rumored On Reddit Could Be Better Than The Clubhouse

Reddit is rumored to be working on a Clubhouse clone of its own and the platform’s structure and culture could lend itself well to such a feature.

Reddit It’s the latest platform rumored to be working on a Clubhouse clone, and if that’s true, it could turn out to be the best of the bunch. Clubhouse only turned one last month and remains in beta, but its direct audio chat room concept has proven to be a success. The app has reportedly been downloaded over 13 million times and spawned a number of similar services and features among competitors.

The most notable of those clones at work is Twitter Spaces, which has the benefit of a huge existing user base that self-selects itself into interest groups based on who users follow. Facebook is rumored to be working on an audio chat room feature of its own, as well as for its subsidiary Instagram, and has launched an experimental video chat app of a similar kind. Elsewhere, Discord services to Spotify and LinkedIn are working or are believed to be working on functionality similar to Clubhouse.

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Now, citing a source familiar with the company’s plan, Mashable reports that Reddit will also be joining the party. The so-called ‘home page of the Internet’ is said to be “quietly exploring a new feature that would allow moderator-led voice chats.” According to the report, development is in the early stages and unsurprisingly confidential. It is believed that the functionality can be offered as part of the platform power-ups program.

Why a Reddit Clubhouse Clone Would Work

The division of Reddit into specific topic groups, or ‘subreddits’, lends itself well to curated live chat. Those who follow a given subreddit have a clearly defined shared interest and the subreddit itself offers a place to bookmark upcoming chats to those who might be interested. These are items that are currently missing from Twitter Spaces and the clubhouse itself to some extent.

Additionally, the Reddit community is already well versed in curated discussions. The AMA (which stands for ‘ask me anything’) has been a Reddit staple for over a decade and sees people typically notable for one reason or another answering questions from other users on a subreddit, or the dedicated one. AMA subreddit. This format is strikingly similar to the Clubhouse premise.

One last thing to consider is the Reddit culture. In general, the platform is considered to be more respectful, supportive and healthy than Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Arguably, this is due to the system whereby users can vote up and down on comments, penalizing the most negative content. This creates a more positive environment in which valuable conversations (live audio or otherwise) can flourish.

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