Why Office Space 2 Never Happened

Mike Judge’s 1999 comedy Office Space is a classic loved by many, but oddly enough, there has never been a strong talk of an Office Space 2 happening.

The 1999 Mike Judge comedy Office space is a classic loved by many, yet, curiously, there has never been firmly spoken of a Office space 2 happening. While “work sucks” is a common saying, one aspect of modern life that is impossible to escape from is having to work for a living, unless you are born rich, of course. To be fair, not everyone hates their job, and some actually love it. However, at the end of the day, most people work for one main reason above all others, and that is to pay the bills necessary to keep a roof over their head and food in their mouth.

In an age where there tend to be more job applicants than jobs for everyone, keeping the job is of the utmost importance, regardless of whether doing so requires one to face demands and treatment they would never tolerate in their personal life, It matters if the monotony of doing the same thing day after day becomes heartbreaking. That’s the mindset that gets the spotlight Office space, which centers on Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) and his co-workers at the Initech company, who seems to be doing nothing of much value to the world.

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Initech management is also insensitive and unreliable, making life worse for its employees. Office space Ultimately, it traces the rise of Peter and the fall of Initech, plus a glimpse of Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) and her equally terrible job at the Chotchkie restaurant. Office space It’s a hilarious and scathingly satirical look at work life, and fans would certainly love a sequel. Here’s why they never got one.

Why Mike Judge Never Created An Office Space 2

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There is a fairly obvious reason why Fox did not seize the opportunity to do Office space 2 shortly after its launch. Despite the positive reviews, Office space absolutely sunk at the box office, making just $ 12.2 million on a $ 10 million budget, probably not even enough to break even after considering marketing costs. It took several years of cable and home video life to Office space to finally catch up and start building the next thing you have today. At the time, Fox offered Mike Judge the opportunity to do a sequel, but he turned it down.

Naturally, the theme of a Office space 2 It has continued to emerge in the decades since, but Judge has argued that he would only do a sequel if he felt there was a good enough idea on the table to make the prospect worthwhile. Since nothing is being prepared, a good idea is still supposed to be elusive. Another factor is that Judge probably didn’t have a great time working with Fox on Office space to get started. During production, Judge found himself in repeated battles with the studio over creative decisions. While Fox is now part of the Disney family, it’s not hard to understand why Judge has never really wanted to work with them on a sequel.

Finally, Judge may feel like making a Office space 2 It would be redundant, since he already made a kind of spiritual sequel in 2009 called Extract, starring Jason Bateman. Extract It addressed similar themes of workplace malaise and career dissatisfaction, but this time it changed the script by turning the main character into a boss rather than an employee. However, in the end, the lack of a Office space the sequel might be for the best. The story of Peter and the company came to a satisfying conclusion, and that’s probably where it should stay.

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