Wonder Girl: How Stan Lee’s Wonder Woman Predicted DC’s Newest Amazon

Future State Wonder Woman Yara Flor is a new departure from what came before, but a wonderful reinvention predicted DC’s new arrival.

DC’s Future State introduced an entirely new Wonder Woman in the form of Brazilian Amazon Yara Flor. While Yara is about to make her way into DC’s main Universe as Wonder Girl, the arrival of the Amazon hero was predicted by one of DC’s more experimental universes. In the early 2000s, Marvel released Stan Lee from a decades-long contract that allowed him to work with other companies. Lee went to DC, collaborating with some of their best artists to reimagine their greatest heroes in a series titled Just imagine… One of the heroes that Stan Lee reinvented, with Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair, was Wonder Woman, and that version of the iconic hero shared many qualities with Yara Flor.

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Yara Flor was created by writer / artist Joëlle Jones and starred in several “Future State” titles that showed who this new Wonder Woman was. Unlike Diana Prince, Yara Flor did not come from Paradise Island but from a tribe of Amazons from the Amazon rainforest. Her bold and brash tactics immediately set her apart from Diana Prince, but not so much from Just imagineWonder Woman, María Mendoza.

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Both characters share more than just South American heritage, and each is equally bold and outspoken. Both characters share an interest in activism, which influences how Maria acquires her powers. Her interest in protecting the ruins of Cuzco from the destructive excavation of the industrialist Armando Guitez leads her to the rune of light, which transports her to the Inca sun god who grants Maria her powers. Joëlle Jones’ Wonder Girl story in Infinite border # 0 show Yara before Future state like an ordinary girl seeking her lineage, seemingly unaware of the role she will soon play, not unlike Maria.

Despite the ordinary lives both characters lead before becoming Wonder Woman, the origins of their powers differ greatly. Maria gets her powers from the Inca sun god, but Yara’s remain closer to Diana’s. Yara may not come from Themyscira, but she is still of Amazonian descent, and her ancestors belong to a tribe of Amazons that broke away from Themyscira and settled in the rainforest of Brazil. Also, while Diana and Yara’s powers are present at birth, Maria’s come entirely from her golden staff (which also grants Maria telekinetic powers). However, even with these differences, the powers of both characters originate from the gods.

However, neither Yara’s nor Maria’s powers fully align with Diana Prince’s. Both versions of Wonder Woman display their own unique abilities in addition to the normal strength, speed, and flight associated with the cloak. This is passed on to tools that add to the iconic images of the Lasso of Truth. Maria has a shield that throws ropes with metal accessories on the end that can be attached to form a loop, although it can also be used in more traditional ways. Similarly, Yara has her own golden balls with more versatility and functionality than Diana’s bow. According to Joëlle Jones, Yara’s balls can force others to follow Yara’s orders and tell the truth.

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Another big difference between the two is their training. While the Yara Flor from “Infinite Frontier” may not be trained like Maria Mendoza, the Yara Flor from “Future State” has been trained by the Amazons. Yara’s skill in archery, swordsmanship, and horsemanship allows her to lean on her reckless and headstrong nature. Maria, on the other hand, has to navigate her new abilities without the sisterhood that Yara and Diana share.

Yara Flor’s journey to become Wonder Girl is still largely unknown. In its course Wonder girl series released on May 18, Yara’s origins could still show striking similarities to those of María Mendoza. With the similarities already shared between the two characters, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Yara’s story could continue to reflect Maria’s journey.

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