X-Men: Why Professor Xavier Created a Mutant Skrull Team

After forming the X-Men on Earth, Professor X assembled the Skrull mutant aliens outcast from the Skrull Empire as Cadre K.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men # 17 by Jonathan Hickman, Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, Sunny Gho, Tom Muller, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The X-Men have spent a lot of time in space over the years. And with recent stories reaffirming the importance of cosmic concepts like the Shi’Ar Empire and the Brood, the door could be open for any number of other cosmic X-Men characters to be reintroduced into the current landscape of powerful mutants.

Ever since the X-Men teamed up with the other Marvel mutants in the island nation Krakoa, they have been busy re-establishing the mutants’ connections to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. While forgotten aliens such as the Sidri and the Wraiths have appeared, this could be an opportunity for another long-absent team to return, the mutant Skrull team led and assembled by Xavier and known as Cadre K.

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Frame K

Making his team debut in Maximum security: dangerous planet # 1 by Kurt Busiek, Jerry Ordway, Will Blyberg, Paul Ryan, Jason Wright, and Richard Starkings and in 2000, Cadre K is a smorgasbord of mutant Skrulls assembled by Professor X.

Consists of 6 mutant Skrulls, including team members; Fiz, which can increase or decrease in size; a telepath named Z’Cann; the energy absorbing Spunje; Nero, who can elongate and stretch his ligaments to surreal depths; R’Tee that can extend spikes from its body; and the mysterious Goroth. Led by Xavier, Cadre K’s main purpose was to end inhuman slaughter of its kind (K-class deviant Skrulls) at birth and fight for the rights of mutants in the Andromeda Galaxy, specifically the Skrull Empire.

It was later revealed that some of the team members were enslaved by Apocalypse during one of his attacks and were forced to help him acquire the powers of the Twelve. Apocalypse was obsessed with the Twelve, a group of powerful mutants who were part of a future prophecy. Apocalypse believed that Living Monolith, Magneto, Polaris, Iceman, Storm, Sunfire, Cyclops, Phoenix, Cable, Bishop, Mikhail Rasputin, Xavier, and Nate Grey’s X-Man were the key to unlocking his final design. Apocalypse thought that these 12 mutants would grant him celestiality and absolute dominion over the cosmos if his powers were harvested and fused. Shortly after Apocalypse’s plans were foiled, Xavier took six of the released mutant Skrulls and trained them. The professor would leave Cadre K and return to Earth to assist in the Legacy virus research.

As time passed, Cadre K was believed to have returned to the Skrull Empire. But, it was discovered that the team actually inhabited a ranch in South Dakota where they escaped being executed by the Skrull Empire for following Professor X’s words. Shortly after being discovered, Captain America and Cyclops approached the Skrulls team. mutants during the events of a Gerry Duggan and David Yardin story in the A + X series to help them fight Dr. Doom. Currently, Cadre K hasn’t appeared much beyond the occasional cameo or reference, but that could change soon.

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Table K 1

With the X-Men continuing to increase their Krakoan population and strive to make Krakoa the mutant haven the galaxy so desperately needs, now could be the perfect time for the return of Professor X’s mutant Skrull team. by Empyre, Since then, the Skrull Empire has become the Kree-Skrull alliance. After being rescued by Storm, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl, Xandra and the Shi’Ar Empire have opened their doors to mutants creating a possibility for Cadre K to be called once more by Xavier.

As one of the most politically charged parts of the Marvel Universe continues to expand, Xavier is smart enough to realize that he can use his history with the mutant Skrull team to his advantage. Since Xavier has always been the model for mutant rights and, more recently, mutant independence, it would make perfect sense for Professor X to approach Cadre K. By doing this, Xavier could use Cadre K to foster a better relationship between mutants, the Kree-Skrulls and the Shi-Ar Empire in the short and long term.

The possibilities are endless, and if there was ever a time to delve into Marvel mythos and reintroduce dark characters and storylines, that time would be now. With the X-Men continuing their galactic expansion, recent crossover events including comments on the state of Skrull politics, and another iteration of SWORD exposing the cosmic landscape of the X-Men, bringing Cadre K into the orbit of Krakoa. It could help to establish the mutants more cosmic ties. in an act of diplomacy.

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