Zelda: Is Shiek really dropping deku nuts in Ocarina of Time?

Shiek’s true identity isn’t exactly Ocarina of Time’s best-kept secret, but maybe there’s still something about it that topped the heads of gamers.

Sheik’s true identity in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time It could be one of the worst kept secrets in video games of all time. Rumors about the character’s true form spread like wildfire when the game was released, and the internet only consolidated that documentation further. It doesn’t help that Zelda can transform into Shiek in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super smash bros brawlBut there is actually an interesting potential secret related to this Sheikah impostor that possibly got overlooked by some fans.

In Ocarina of time, Link embarks on a mission to prevent Ganondorf from obtaining the Triforce and taking over the land of Hyrule. After acquiring the first spirit stone from the Great Deku Tree, he finds Zelda and the two of them plan to stop Ganondorf by obtaining the Triforce first. However, they only managed to succeed in opening the way to the Triforce, while Link is sealed for seven years in the holy realm. When he wakes up as an adult wielding the Master Sword, a mysterious figure awaits him in the Temple of Time.

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From this point on, Zelda disguises herself as Shiek and acts as Link’s mentor character, teaching him various teleportation songs in his Ocarina. She will appear during the adult part of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before each of the game’s main temples, but it’s never clear exactly who Shiek is until the end of the game. One of the defining traits of the character is how he teleports away from his encounters with Link with a flash. At first this may seem like a minor detail, but it is alarmingly similar to an item Link uses throughout his adventure.

Shiek could be using the Legend of Zelda’s Deku Nuts to escape

Shiek uses Deku nuts to escape in Ocarina Of Time

Deku nuts are practically an optional item for the duration of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time history, but they can be useful in combat. Link uses them by knocking them to the ground to create a blinding flash and briefly stun certain monsters. It may not be immediately apparent, but Shiek’s teleportation animation actually resembles Link’s Deku Nut attack. Like Link would do with a Deku Nut, Sheik will raise his hand in the air and hit an object on the ground, which then emits a large flash. Subsequently, she disappears without a trace.

It is possible that Shiek’s escape technique is to use a Deku Nut to blind Link so that he has time to escape after teaching him one of Ocarina of time songs. Since Deku Nuts can be used to stun enemies, players can see for themselves what their actual effects are. Since she is posing as a Shiekah, it is also possible that this was some kind of tactic that the Shiekah tribe could have used.

Zelda’s choice of costume implies that she learned some Shiekah traditions from Impa while awaiting Link’s return, so perhaps Impa taught Zelda how to use Deku Nuts as a method of escape, as her people did in the past. It’s not safe, but there is a strong possibility that Shiek used Deku Nuts to withdraw from Link at all times. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and maybe the enemies that Link used the items on (and didn’t kill) just thought he was disappearing too when they weren’t stunned anymore.

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