‘Ziwe’: hilarious trailer for Showtime’s latest late-night show faces racism and great guests

The ‘Desus & Mero’ writer is the center of attention on her own show.


They are has its own show headed to Showtime and now we have our first look. After a popular Instagram series where Ziwe asked celebrities blunt questions about racism, the things they’ve done wrong in the past, or their lives with a hint of comedy, Desus and Mero The writer is taking comedy into his own hands.

With its unique style of wit and fierce antics, the first trailer for They are honestly, it’s exactly what you should expect from the comedian. It’s real, raw, and absolutely fun. Also, this set is absolutely amazing and exactly the kind of energy I was hoping for. They are to be when it was announced.


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In addition to writing for Desus and Mero, Ziwe has also written for the Showtime series. Our cartoon presidentand Apple TV + Dickinson. Ziwe will also serve as showrunner for the series, which is being produced by A24. The series isn’t just his hard-hitting interviews he conducted on social media either. According to the press release, “The series features interviews, musical numbers, guest stars, sketches, and more, including unscripted and unpredictable interactions with ordinary people.” I can’t wait to see Ziwe interacting with ordinary people and how they handle their fun and provocative questions. .

With talent from Phoebe bridgers to Saturday night live‘s Bowen yang, and Adam pally, It seems as if They are it’s a mix of those we all love to talk about and people who match Ziwe’s energy (to a degree. Really match Ziwe’s perfection other than Ziwe?)

If the trailer has anything to say about the show, we are in for a great ride with the comedian and it will be fun to see which celebrities he takes on week after week. SINCEyour debuts May 9. Check out the trailer below.

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