10 anime characters who give amazing life lessons

Whether someone is reading a book or watching a movie, many times there will be a character inserted in these media, with whom the reader or viewer will identify on a substantial level. Like books and movies, anime also has many characters who endure hard or pleasant livelihoods who want to send their fans important messages about their lives.

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Even if the character’s backstory isn’t the most daunting, many anime love to leave fans with messages that challenge their current ideals. In addition, there will be a character that will leave a lasting impact.

10 Naruto Uzumaki taught fans to never give up on their dreams regardless of their background

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

Every time someone names an anime that inspired them to pursue their dreams and make them come true, Naruto it would be the program they would choose. By contemplating the best life lessons, the Naruto The anime taught many fans, they claim that they learned to give up and believing that everything will come to someone on a silver platter is not the way life works.

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Before becoming Hokage, Naruto was someone who was often teased for dreaming big and for being different from others. However, Naruto learned to deal with those emotions and has become an iconic figure to everyone in the shinobi world.

9 Everyone could tell fans that anyone can become a hero and that evildoers will always exist

All Might from My Hero Academia

There are many fantastic things about the character of All Might, one of which is his heroic status in My hero academia and his passionate phrases and lessons that he leaves for the future generation, including his successor Izuku Midoriya. Tell Deku; can become a hero was a highlight for many fans of the series.

Furthermore, All Might’s character also reminds people that evildoers will continue to make themselves known no matter how many battles he wins. Not only that, but it also makes sure people realize that not all wins are guaranteed.

8 Yugi Muto taught people why friendship can overcome the most difficult obstacles

Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh

Despite the many differences between Yugi and Atem, Yugi’s character has left fans with life lessons that are cherished by many today. One of these lessons revolves around the fact that friendship is a necessary component in everyone’s livelihood. Whenever Yugi was back in a corner, he counted on his friends to help him defeat tough opponents like Pegasus and Marik.

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Establishing close ties with others is not only something that many people learned by watching Yu-Gi-Oh, But the series also taught fans why it is fair to keep their promises and that they can overcome any difficult obstacles in life.

7 Roy Mustang taught people never to succumb to negative emotions

Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist

Upon seeing the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime, many people will witness life lessons Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood left behind for fans to apply to their lifestyles. Whether it’s to re-inform people about the burden of losing loved ones or why revenge isn’t the best medicine, its characters made sure fans left the anime with something to ponder.

On that note, Roy Mustang almost lets his inner rage consume him when he faces a murderer. Fortunately, Edward and others helped shake off his inner anger to keep him from losing control. This event shows that having self-control and giving up revenge is the answer.

6 Armin Artlert taught people to have hope in one’s goals

Armin from Attack On Titan

Even if Attack the titans The fanbase loves to see its main characters fight evil humans and Titans, many people feel that it is a shonen anime with the most significant life lessons. One character that many wouldn’t think could send such joyous messages is Eren and Mikasa’s childhood friend Armin Artlert.

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Armin might seem like a wimp and bookworm character to many during the early parts of the season, but many came to appreciate his mindfulness and hope that others didn’t seem to have. The lesson that many people can learn from Armin is to remain hopeful and defend comrades.

5 Nobito Nobi taught fans that making fewer friends is okay and that everything won’t last forever.

Nobito from Doraemon

Despite Doraemon Being a long-running anime that never finished its story, it is a series that the whole family can enjoy and will leave life lessons for people regardless of their age. Many of these lessons often come from its protagonist Nobito Nobi.

From living a life full of disappointment to a life full of wonder, Nobito learned valuable lessons after his new partner Doraemon entered his life. Nobito learned that it is okay to have fewer friends and that in a lifetime it is not that one day people have to say goodbye.

4 Shintaro Midorima taught fans that it is important to recognize everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, including your own.

Midorima from Kuroko's Basketball

Although many fans argue that Haikyuu is the best sports anime ever made, others will defend Kuroko’s Basketball best being for its memorable cast, intense basketball games, and storytelling. Many fans loved Shintaro Midorima for his vision of basketball and life lessons; left behind for fans.

Not only that, Midorima had a knack for understanding his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and often gave advice to other players in hopes of improving his basketball skills. He is a rival that many sports fans would look up to and; one that many would love to have during their games.

3 Miss Kobayashi taught people to accept others’ differences and to compromise when necessary

Kobyashi and Tohru from Miss Kobyashi's Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a series that loves to make people laugh, smile and watch the shenanigans where Tohru and the others will make people laugh with each new episode. Despite being a heartwarming anime for those in need, Kobyashi also has phenomenal messages that he wishes fans to ponder.

Although he is a calm and humble person, Kobayashi tends to get intoxicated at times and shows aggression towards people without realizing it. Despite this, Kobyashi is a kind-hearted person who welcomes change and different sides of people. She teaches viewers how it’s important to accept people’s differences and why compromising isn’t a bad idea sometimes.

two Mary Macbeth told fans to pursue their goals as life and death are unpredictable

Kekkai Sensen's Mary Macbeth

Despite being broadcast years ago, Kekkai Sensen it was a shonen anime with unique concepts that mixed science fiction and crime. It was not only a success that it came from the creative mind behind Trigun, but it was a series that left some messages for its audience to remember.

One of these messages comes from the character of Mary Macbeth, who shares a quote that says that people should immediately pursue their dreams as time is limited. Knowing that all life does not last forever is a thought that many ponder at times. Since everything can happen in an instant, it is that everyone is pursuing their goals, no matter how small or large they are.

1 Lelouch Lamperouge taught fans that change will only come from action and not words

Lelouch from Code Geass

Lelouch is one of the greatest antiheroes in anime and is someone whose actions spoke louder than the words he blurted out. During the entirety of Geass Code, fans witnessed the struggles and anger that Lelouch had for his family for the mistreatment they had given him.

Lelouch knew deep down that if he wanted things to change, he would have to retaliate with more firepower and mind games to reach the conclusion he had for himself and Nunnally. Although some of Lelouch’s actions wouldn’t fit well with most people, he taught fans that if you want your life to change, they should be the ones to pull the trigger.

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