10 anime villains Naruto can defeat with Talk No Jutsu

“Talk No Jutsu” is the unofficial catchphrase that fans have called Naruto’s ability to convince villains to retreat in the Naruto anime. He will attempt to appeal to his sense of humanity and reason, often with great success (as demonstrated through the urging of Obito and ultimately Sasuke).

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This strategy is not only valuable exclusively to the characters of your own universe. By identifying other anime antagonists that his charismatic sentiments can be effective against, we get a better idea of ​​which villains are not beyond saving, and we appreciate Naruto’s persuasive prowess.

10 Sho was almost saved by Shinra (Fire Force)

Sho Kusakabe was Shinra’s brother and one of the strongest members of White-Clad. During Company Eight’s foray into the Nether, the two brothers had a confrontation, one that ended with the villain’s conversion (only to be narrowly thwarted by Haumea).

Considering that Shinra regained the cultist’s heart, it follows that Naruto, who has had a better established history of villain conversion, could do so just as efficiently. It would be especially true if both Uzumaki and Kusakabe tried to convince him to return to the light simultaneously.

9 Naruto could appeal to Wamuu’s sense of honor (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Wamuu was a powerful Pillar Man and Kars’s best lieutenant. It was strongly implied that he was kidnapped from birth, and that the rest of his people were killed through his master’s genocidal rampage.

If Naruto played on his opponent’s clear sense of honor (especially after fighting each other, as he often does before appealing to villains), he would have a better chance of changing Wamuu’s opinion of his mission. This is especially true if Kars becomes too impatient to accomplish his goals and tries something dishonorable (as he did against Lisa Lisa).

8 Naruto convinced the pain to revive the blade (Naruto)

After Pain’s ways were finally defeated, he and Naruto came face to face. Despite shooting him with razor-sharp sticks, the hero was adamant in convincing him to return to Jiraiya’s teachings even though he could easily have finished him off.

Moved by his words, Nagato summoned the last of his power to restore every life in Konoha that he had taken. The gesture would kill him but it would be among the most heartfelt redemptions (and atonements) in the anime series.

7 Bentham showed compassion despite being a Baroque Works (One Piece) agent

Bentham (also known as Mr. Two) was a Baroque Works agent who aided in Crocodile’s efforts to destabilize Alabasta and discover his superweapon. He took advantage of Sanji’s chivalry by changing his face to Nami so she wouldn’t hit him.

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Despite this obviously dishonest tactic, Bentham showed admiration for the bond between Luffy and his friends after the Warlord’s defeat, even holding off the Marines and allowing their escape. This implies that he has a solid and honorable foundation that Naruto could leverage to make him a hero.

6 Bertholdt was greatly affected by the words of the explorers (Attack on Titan)

When Reiner was escaping with Eren and Bertholdt from Paradis, they were ambushed by the Scouts. Atop the Armored Titan’s shoulders, they criticized the young man for being a spy all the time, and his feelings visibly shook him.

Despite his duty to Marley, the Colossal has never accused the Eldians of being demons like his comrades (particularly Reiner) did. This implies that Naruto would find it easier to get to him as he is not that indoctrinated, especially if he could ensure the safety of his loved ones in his home country.

5 Wave was not sure of the brutal methods of the Empire (Akame Ga Kill!)

Wave was unique among the Jaegers in that he did not openly support (did not even support) the increasingly brutal actions the Empire took to put down the rebellions. Instead, he viewed it as a patriotic duty rather than a moral imperative.

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His indecision about the unscrupulousness of his allies would provide him with an opportunity that Naruto could work with. The Hokage would probably mention that the Loyalists and Insurgents were from the same nation, so switching sides cannot be considered treason.

4 Fraudrin has a conscience despite being a demon (Seven Deadly Sins)

Fraudrin was a demon who could possess the bodies of mortals. To make the costume more compelling, he was also able to get his memories like he did with Hendrickson and especially Dreyfus.

However, he became sentimental towards the humans he intended to kill, as he was haunted by experiences he had never had (especially those of his host). In the end, the demon would prevent Griamore and the others from being harmed, demonstrating a conscience that Naruto could work with.

3 Twice’s only ambition is to have a place where he belongs (My Hero Academia)

Unlike Shigaraki or Himiko Toga, Twice has no sinister evil ambitions and does not harbor animosity for the heroes of any series. Instead, he is just looking for a place to belong, which is difficult in society considering his unhealthy mental health.

Naruto can relate to the wrongdoer situation, having been an outcast for most of his childhood. Once he extended a hand of friendship to his multiplying adversary, he could end the company Twice desperately needed and recruit him to a more respectable cause.

two Colt hasn’t lost touch with his humanity (Hunter X Hunter)

In life, Colt was a child who was willing to give everything to protect his sister. As a chimera ant, he was a loyal servant of the queen, but questioned the brutality of his comrades (particularly Rammot’s greed and sadism).

Naruto has shown an affinity for reconnecting others with their humanity, as evidenced by his conversation with Obito. Considering that Colt would ultimately work with the Hunters Association independently and was saved from being sacrificed after Meruem’s defeat, it follows that Uzumaki’s presence would only hasten his redemption.

1 Go Koga refused to follow Kariya after she went too far (Bleach)

Go Koga was a member of the Bounts and a close friend of the organization’s leader, Kariya. After the mastermind showed his intention to eradicate the entire Soul Society with a superweapon, Koga was unable to continue to support him in good conscience.

Since the movement had lost its way, it would probably take inspiration from Naruto’s example and switch sides as much as Konan had after Nagato’s death and Obito’s takeover of Akatsuki. However, Kariya’s plans would have to be close to being realized for the young hero’s words to reach him.

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