10 anime villains who deserved worse than their fate

While most anime gives these characters a fitting ending, it’s safe to say that there are a few that have gotten off too easily.

There are tons of great villains in the anime universe, some of whom are even more popular than the heroes who defeat them. Other villains are well written, but in the eyes of most fans they are completely irredeemable for their actions. These villains are usually cool beyond belief and don’t care what life they affect and don’t affect.

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While most anime gives these characters a fitting ending, it’s safe to say that there are a few that have gotten off too easily. Some have even been offered a chance at redemption or have been totally forgiven.

10 Kyubey stole the souls of the children

Kyubey is the antagonist of the anime. Madoka Magica and one of the cruelest tricksters that ever lived. Kybey takes the guise of an innocent animal and offers to grant the girls’ wishes in exchange for them defeating the evil witches.

The problem is that he removes the soul from the girl’s body, and they will eventually become witches themselves, after a great deal of suffering. Kyubey’s punishment at the end of the show was simply taking better care of the magical girls.

9 Junko Enoshima almost destroyed the world

Junko Enoshima with creepy pose by Dangonronpa

Junko Enoshima comes from Danganronpa, a series in which he brought the world almost to an end and caused many of his companions to be tortured to death. It’s safe to say that she is one of the most disturbing teenagers to ever live.

In the final confrontation with Hajime, she lost and was killed. Sadly, Junko savored every minute of her punishment and even her death as it gave her the ultimate sense of despair she was looking for.

8 Dad exploited children for war

Daddy took care of the parasites in Darling in the Franxx and he taught the children to hold on to his every word. The children were promised that one day they would grow up, and Dad led them to fight devastating battles that would eventually kill them.

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Dad showed little to no remorse for the children and tried to control every aspect of their lives, even resetting his memory when they went out of bounds. Near the end of the series, Papa was simply sucked into VIRM.

7 Misa Amane got her way with a mass murder

light meets mass death note

Everyone always talks about how Light was killed at the end of the Death Note, but Misa honestly got away pretty easily. Misa killed tons of people, and while he mostly followed Light’s orders, it’s a mass murder with little care for others.

Misa doesn’t even seem to be going to jail and presumably continues to live her life normally, which may even include her continuing her fame as a model.

6 Frieza destroyed entire planets

dragon ball frieza

Frieza is one of the most persistent villains in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Frieza is a mass murderer who has wiped out countless plants and millions, if not billions, of lives with each one he chose to destroy.

Needless to say, it would have been appropriate for him to die on Namek, but he seems to keep coming back. Even after being sent to Hell, Frieza literally makes his way back to the world of the living.

5 Sailor Galaxia erased the sailor soldiers from existence

Sailor Galaxia In Sailor Moon Anime

Sailor Galaxia is the last villain of the Sailor moon series and easily the most evil. She has traveled through space, killing Sailor Scouts and essentially turning them to nothing if they didn’t choose to serve her.

She did the same to the Sailor Guardians in front of Sailor Moon and killed Mamoru, causing Chibiusa to disappear from existence. His final destination was to find love and reincarnate to have a new beginning.

4 Kayaba Ahiko imprisoned thousands of players

kayaba sao

Kayaba is from Sonline word art and invented the game of the same name. He was responsible for incarcerating players within the game and for the deaths of thousands of people who died afterward.

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He even became the strongest guild leader in the world at the end of the series. He died, but not before being forgiven by Kirito and Asana and redeemed in Fairy Dance.

3 Akito Sohma abused those closest to her

Fruit basket 2-21 Akito brooches

Akito is one of the cruelest shojo villains and causes almost all the friction in Fruit basquet. Akito tried to kill the horse Rin, blinded Hatori in one eye, and abused Yuki for several years of his childhood.

Despite all this, Akito is quite compassionate and forgiven by most of the zodiacs, especially Shigure, who wants to marry her.

two Roswaal L. Mathers killed his servants out of one-sided love

Roswaal, Re: Zero

Roswaal is a villain in Re: zero which basically caused the Sanctuary arch to go berserk. He hired Elsa and her sister to murder the servants in the mansion and summoned the Great Rabbit to the Sanctuary.

However, at the end of the season, he won Ram’s affection once again and was forgiven by most of the cast after some scolding.

1 Peter Ratri sacrificed the lives of countless children

Promised Neverland Peter Ratri

Much can be said about the end of the Promised Neverland, where Peter Ratri is from. Peter pulled the strings and was largely responsible for the farms that raised children within the world of demons.

At the end of the series, he was killed, but just before, Emma offered to forgive him and they didn’t kill him anywhere near as horribly as the children, as Connie did.

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