10 best movies like Steven Spielberg’s filmography (and where to stream them)

Possibly one of the greatest American directors of all time, Steven Spielberg’s vast filmography has something to offer all age groups. For example, in the science fiction genre, ET Y Jurassic Park provide entertainment for the whole family, while your other ventures, such as Minority Report Y AI they offer a more philosophical view of the tropes of the genre.

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Similarly, his biopics range from the harrowing Schindler’s list to the comforting The terminal. In addition to kicking off the Jurassic Park franchise, Spielberg has also directed all the Indiana Jones series entries that reinvigorated cinematic interest in adventure films. His most recent film being the ambitious sci-fi / gaming film Ready Player OneSpielberg has shown that he has not lost his golden touch.

10 Hacksaw (2016) – HBO Max

While many other WWII epics have emerged since Saving Private Ryan (including the likes of 1917 Y Dunkirk), Crest of the sierra It is a less appreciated gem. It can’t be compared to Spielberg’s ambitious classic, but it stands on its own with the poignant story of Desmond T Doss, a non-armed peace soldier who still manages to save hordes of wounded soldiers.

With enough spirited action and a moving performance from Andrew Garfield, Crest of the sierra is an R-rated war drama.

9 Raiders! The Story of the Best Fan Movie Ever Made (2015) – Apple + TV (Rental)

Raiders!  Review of the history of the best fan movie ever made

The premise of this documentary is clear from its own title. Stunned by the technical brilliance of Raiders of the lost ark and delighted by the bravado of Indiana Jones, a group of school friends tried to act out a shot-by-shot remake of Spielberg’s adventure film. Having no monetary interests, the children got involved in this exciting project, complete with fireworks explosions and self-made costumes.

Even though they managed to shoot the entire movie, the crucial final scene was never able to see the light of day. 25 years later, the friends get together and decide to complete their fan film. The film is a testament not only to Spielberg’s knack for impressing audiences, but it also serves as a love letter to childhood.

8 Spielberg (2017) – HBO Max

Spielberg poster (2017) with a young Steven Spielberg

With friends and family of Steven Spielberg, the HBO documentary Spielberg is a comprehensive look at the master’s rise to fame and his visionary filmography. The documentary may not be the most raw and personal look of your life, but it definitely offers a wealth of insight into the behind-the-scenes work that went into your iconic films, thanks to archival footage and interviews with your creative collaborators .

In any case, it is a love letter to his continuing legacy; A must for die-hard Spielberg fans.

7 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) – Hoopla

Gort the robot

ET the alien Y Close Encounters of the Third Kind They both showed viewers how alien creatures may not always be violent Martians drawn from an HG Wells novel. Both science fiction classics revealed the possibility of advanced sentient beings who might want to help humanity if given the opportunity.

The black and white classic from 1951 The day the Earth stood still He was ahead of his time by exploring notions of a futuristic reality in which aliens and humans can live in mutual coexistence. Rather than relying on monstrous aliens, the film points the finger at world leaders and their obsession with nuclear power as the real threat to humanity.

6 The Vast Night (2020) – Amazon Prime Video

Jake Horowitz and Sierra McCormick in The Vast of Night

Similar in style to other modern versions of 80s sci-fi Strange things Y Super 8 (produced by Spielberg himself), The vast night draws heavily on the “retro” aspects of the genre. Faithfully recreating radio communication and Cold War-era fascination with outer space, the film unfolds as an episode in an anthology reminiscent of Twilight zone.

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Instead of relying on typical emotions and scares, The vast night takes a more grounded approach, detailing a night in a sleepy city in the course of which two teenagers tend to pick up alien radio signals. Then the entire movie builds suspense around it, emphasizing mystery rather than action.

5 Paul (2011) – Apple + TV (rental)

Subverting the ‘friendly alien’ trope of ET., Paul is a sassy and hilarious movie starring Seth Rogen as the voice of an alien who just wants to get back in his spaceship. However, unlike the titular character ET., Paul is a foul-mouthed alcoholic creature who encounters two desperate comic book fans (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) traveling to Area 51.

Befriending Paul gets them in trouble, as federal agents wish to use the alien for their own purposes. A road film, a friend comedy, a meta science fiction satire, Paul it is many things at once and yet it is not complicated. In fact, writers Pegg and Frost also confessed that the film serves as a tribute to Spielberg’s work.

4 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – HBO Max

2001: a space odyssey 1968

A revolutionary sci-fi epic, 2001The influence can be felt in the work of all genre authors such as Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan. Divided into several segments, modern audiences can revisit the film from time to time to explore its underlying philosophy around robotics, human loneliness, and space travel. In terms of its psychedelic visuals and crisp production design, this Stanley Kubrick classic stands the test of time once again.

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Kubrick was always highly regarded by Spielberg, who completed the unfinished project of the former. Artificial intelligence AI. One of the most prominent things in common between the two is that they both tried to experiment with all kinds of genres.

3 Grave of the Fireflies (1988) – Hulu

Survival is a key theme in many of Spielberg’s war movies, such as Warhorse, Saving Private Ryan, Y Empire of the Sun. The latter, with a prepubescent Christian Bale, is the story of a boy who survived the onslaught of World War II in China.

A similar story of survival and coming of age is present in the Studio Ghibli classic. Tomb of the fireflies. As the bombings devastate Japan, a young soldier and his younger sister face the brutalities of war to survive. Despite looking like an animated children’s movie, this Japanese movie is an intensely emotional tale of destruction and the human cost of war.

two Unhinged (2020) – Amazon Prime Video

Reflection of Russell Crowe in Unhinged

Among all his blockbusters and Oscar-winning films, people tend to forget Spielberg’s first film. Duel. The movie finds an unnamed trucker aggressively pursuing a businessman just because the latter passed him on the road. A masterclass in low-budget cinema, Duel it can still be seen as an entertaining action thriller.

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While Russell Crowe starred Unhinged may seem quite formulative to some, it follows a similar premise to Spielberg’s movie Duel with Crowe taking the front seat as the opposing driver as he pursues a woman in a high-chase car chase. Unhinged it benefits greatly from its core performance and is quite intimidating in places.

1 Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – Apple + TV (rental)

Steven Spielberg has never shied away your admiration for David Lean’s masterpiece, Lawrence of Arabia. A biographical film about Thomas Edward Lawrence (played by Peter O’Toole), the historical drama takes place in World War I. Lawrence is a British Army officer who played a major role in the so-called ‘Arab Revolt’ against the Ottoman Empire.

The film begins with Lawrence’s experiences in befriending the Arabs for his mission. This friendship continues to be so influential in his life that he ends up accepting his culture and living in the desert. Majestic action sequences follow as the protagonist occasionally questions his own identity. While some of the casting options may not age well today, the film is still an attractive character study.

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