10 Movies (Besides Mank) To See If You Like Citizen Kane

David Fincher’s adventure in 2020 Mank tried to offer a behind the scenes look at the writing of Citizen Kane, while delving into the life of screenwriter Herman J Mankiewicz. The film’s acclaim might have rekindled interest in Citizen Kane in this process. Starring, co-written and directed by Orson Welles, Citizen Kane it was once (and possibly even today) considered one of the best movies ever.

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The black-and-white drama documented the rise and fall of its main protagonist, Charles Foster Kane, as he rises in the world of publishing and media, only to lead a scandalous life. Even though the film lost at award ceremonies, such as the Oscars, Citizen Kane stands the test of the time as a cult classic.

10 The Aviator (2004) – Paramount Plus

Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring his muse Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator is a great biopic about the pilot and filmmaker Howard Hughes. A very ambitious mogul (who not only feels like Kane, but also looks like him at one point), Hughes’s story is laid out with all the classic biopic tropes. These include dramatic monologues and conflicting relationships, eventually culminating in their achievements.

Aside from DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett also has a memorable role, playing actress Katherine Hepburn. The film’s production design is also noteworthy, especially in the flight sequences.

9 All About Eva (1950) – Apple TV + (rental)

All about Eva 1950

Released a few years later Citizen Kane, All About Eva It was written and directed by Herman Mankiewicz’s more successful brother, Joseph L Mankiewicz. Like his brother, the latter ended up winning an Oscar as a screenwriter.

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Reinforced by his performances and a history of lies and betrayals, All about EveThe melodrama ages well and would be enjoyable even for modern viewers. Set in the ruthless world of Hollywood’s Golden Age, antihero Eve (Anne Baxter) is a young woman who wishes to succeed in the city of tinsel. While serving as an assistant to an actor in his prime (Bette Davis), Eve is elevated through a parasitic relationship with her.

8 Orson Welles and I (2009) – Apple TV + (rental)

A lesser-known entry in Richard Linklater’s diverse filmography is his period drama, Me and Orson Welles starring Christian McKay as the titular actor and Zac Efron as a high school student, who was once offered the lead role in one of Orson Welles’ stage productions.

The film takes a dramatized route to explore Welles’ theatrical side, touching on his love for Shakespearean plays and the politics underlying his adaptations. Another interesting aspect is that it captures your preCitizen Kane it was, when he was just a rising artist who wanted to grow in stature.

7 Joy (2015) – Apple TV + (rental)

Joy Poster and Details - Jennifer Lawrence

Joy is a biographical film disguised as a story from poverty to wealth, channeling the nature of the self-made entrepreneurs that viewers are used to with films like Citizen Kane. Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Joy Mangano, an entrepreneur who managed to run a business empire of her own after popularizing her seemingly absurd but efficient inventions like the self-twisting Miracle Mop.

The movie takes a slightly comedic approach to this story of self-made millionaires, but it seems to work well, thanks to Jennifer Lawrence’s committed lead performance.

6 Red (1976) – Hoopla

A scathing satire on the world of tabloid journalism, Network it becomes relevant even today. The narrative centers on a news channel that plans to fire one of its regular anchors (Peter Finch). However, the news ends up provoking an outburst of anger from the presenter, which is then captured on live television. This monologue proves to generate a favorable reaction among the entertaining public, which makes the channel stick to its theatricality.

As more political drama unfolds, what Network makes it clear is that people enjoy consuming drama more than actual news. As Mank also revealed, Citizen Kane it was a subtle blow to newspaper mogul Charles Hearst. Network adopt similar tones of unethical journalism by changing the environment to a world dominated by television.

5 The Other Side of the Wind (2018) – Netflix

The Other Side of the Wind Poster

It was in 2018 when The other side of the wind It was eventually released on Netflix, revealing the more experimental side of Welles. Part mockumentary, part visual experiment, this film chronicles the last days of an aging director (John Huston) in an intentionally haphazard and non-linear way.

A “movie within a movie” narrative is relied upon, as the movie is often interrupted between the director’s everyday antics and scenes from his latest signature feature film. Forced to be polarizing The other side of the wind it’s still a fun watch for ardent Welles fans.

4 How Green Is My Valley (1941) – The Criterion Channel

How green was my valley

Citizen Kane it’s one of those movies that was overshadowed by the ‘Best Picture’ winner of its day. While the film only won the ‘Best Original Screenplay’ award at the Academy Awards, How green was my valley took home the Best Picture award. Interestingly, at present, the latter is a largely forgotten film. Not only had it beat Kane for the award but also The Maltese Falcon.

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Fans of Citizen Kane You might still be interested in understanding the context of the film and the reasons that might have led the Academy to bestow its highest honor on this working-class drama.

3 There Will Be Blood (2007) – Netflix

Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood

Daniel Day-Lewis’ multiple award-winning portrayals of oil magnate Daniel Plainview would go on to be one of the most ruthless character performances in modern movie history. While iconic and ambitious movie moguls like Charles Kane can be seen as antiheroes, Plainview’s character is much more villainous, revealing the dark side of greed and power.

There will be blood shows the persecution of a man from the so-called “American dream” that soon turns into a toxic obsession with gaining power, even if it comes at the expense of his family. With enough religious and political metaphors, this stark epic by Paul Thomas Anderson is a cruel look at capitalism and its exponents.

two All the President’s Men (1976) – HBO Max

Robert Redford and the cast of All the President's Men

A classic in the pantheon of films related to journalism, All the president’s men details the efforts of two reporters (Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford), who were the first to break the news of the Watergate scandal to the American public. Playing like an intense thriller, William Goldman’s narrow script adds a sense of intensity to the story.

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If one is interested in films about investigative journalism (such as Highlight), this classic directed by Alan J. Pakula is worth revisiting.

1 F for Fake (1973) – HBO Max

Orson Welles in F for Fake

Even if The other side of the wind It’s technically the last Orson Welles movie, F for false it was his final creative product before his death. Even if F for false is a documentary that has the art world (particularly the art of losing art) at the center of its core, Welles as he narrates, he often breaks the fourth wall to play on the viewer’s attention.

Therefore, there are moments in the film when audiences themselves need to find out what is real and what is false. All in all, it is quite an interactive and extremely unique experience when compared to the rest of his film work.

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