10 One Piece characters (and what would be their characteristic Pokémon)

Although fans have different reasons to love the Pokemon franchise, many will attest to love Pokemon for the adventures that each game goes through. Another franchise that exhibits a similar adventurous atmosphere is One piece, which continues to excite fans around the world.

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Considering how both franchises delve into the caring, chaotic, and developing world of traveling to uncharted territories, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that these fans haven’t mingled with each other. Therefore, it is unlikely to argue that no one decided to pair One piece characters with specific Pokémon.

10 Luffy and Ambipom would be the perfect match considering they both love extendable limb fighting.

Luffy and Ambipom

Luffy is a caring and well-rounded person who loves helping people who are suffering. Luffy also loves interacting with quirky people and loves adding new teammates to his team whenever he feels the need. Considering his values, Ambipom would be the main candidate that Luffy would choose as his signature Pokémon.

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Ambipom is one of the strongest monkey Pokémon. who worship humans and climb trees in search of food. Kindness aside, Ambipom can provide Luffy with another powerful furry teammate, as his species are known to attack at fast speeds.

9 Zoro and Zacian would help each other improve their sword skills.

Zoro and Zacian

Although Dracule Mihawk is one of the greatest anime swordsmen of all time, Zoro is not someone worth playing with for his multitude of swordsman styles that he has learned since. One piece time jump. Also, if Zoro needed help or a sparring partner to help him improve his sword skills, he would choose Zacian.

Zacian is a Legendary Pokémon just introduced to the franchise that can shoot some Pokémon with a single hit, fly, create illusions, and travel quickly. Zacian can also transform into stone as a way to protect himself against enemy attacks.

8 Sanji would make Alcremie his kitchen companion to spruce up and enhance the flavor of his cooking

Sanji and Alcremie

Not only is Alcremie a Pokémon from the Galar region that should exist, but its tasty talent would make the perfect companion for Sanji, who loves cooking as much as women. In the Pokemon world, Alcremie’s cream makes meals immensely delicious and convinces many chefs to have one to increase sales in their restaurants.

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Sanji may not like those who stain his food, but he doesn’t mind others helping him, as shown in the scenes where he and Pudding are cooking a new wedding cake for Big Mom.

7 Nami and Meowth would love each other’s company because of their fondness for shiny items.

Nami and Meowth

Despite changing after joining Luffy’s crew, Nami still harbors an intention to become a wealthy person, as shown in many cases in the series where her eyes twinkle at the thought of cash. Although you have been unlucky most of the time getting rich items, Meowth will serve as your guide to riches.

Regardless of whether you’ve stolen Team Rocket’s Meowth, a Pokémon that can talk to humans, or caught a normal one, Meowth have the ability to track glowing objects on it. Pokemon world. This aspect alone would make Nami tolerate Meowth’s jokes as long as they helped her get some payment.

6 Usopp and Intellion would be the best sniper duo of the series

Usopp and Intellion

Although Usopp is one of the most pessimistic anime characters of all time, he has shown that he can hold his own against some opponents thanks to his incredible sniper skills. Taking down some notable foes like Mr. 4 and Sugar, Usopp has earned his mark among the others as a worthwhile ally in Luffy’s crew.

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To improve his skills, Usopp would not hesitate to have Intellion work as his sniper partner. Intellion may look like a graceful water lizard, but it is capable of shooting opponents at speeds of Mach 3 and is one intelligent Pokémon among many.

5 Ace would love Infernape’s fiery spirit and would love to train with him on occasion

Ace and Infernape

Although Infernape is not one of the most dangerous Pokémon of the fourth generation, its power, speed and resistance would induce Ace to want it as a partner. Infernape can engulf himself in flames and take a beating with moves like Close Combat and Flare Blitz.

Also, Ace would respect having another partner around who can turn up the heat as much as he can in the anime. These two would not only bond due to their fiery nature, but Infernape would make an excellent sparring partner that Ace could use to test his fiery powers.

4 Blackbeard and Darkrai love the dark and make people miserable wherever they go

Blackbeard and Darkrai

Despite the knowledge that one has of the series, there are many facts about Blackbeard that some people would not know. Whether it’s due to the fact that he might be the only one with two devil fruits or that he has a unique style, many fans may forget things about him considering how long the series has been going on.

What fans know is that Blackbeard loves to surround himself with darkness and perform cruel acts against humanity when he feels it necessary. These are the reasons why Darkrai would be Blackbeard’s Pokémon of choice, considering how it can forcefully put creatures to sleep and terrorize them in their dreams.

3 Kaido will admire Giratina’s appearance, strength and origin and will take him under his wing

Kaido and Giratina

Wano Country is becoming the favorite arc of many fans since One piece time jump due to its stellar animation, story, and villains like Kaido. Kaido is proud and tried to finish himself several times because he wanted to find a way to die.

Admiring strength and power, Kaido wouldn’t mind choosing Giratina as his signature Pokémon, not just because it’s a dragon, but because it symbolizes the values ​​he adores, strength and pride. Giratina is known to be banished to the distorted world for her violent behavior, and this attitude would be something that would interest Kaido in the long run.

two Doflamingo would love to use the horrible stench of Aromatisse to inflict pain and misery on his enemies.

Doflamingo and Aromatisse

Doflamingo was one of Luffy’s greatest villains, and Trafalgar Law had a revenge for what he did to his partner Corazón. Doflamingo is known to be a sarcastic, proud, and arrogant individual who loves to torture people for fun and will only cower in fear of those he feels are more powerful than him.

Also, Doffy’s chaotic demeanor would fit in well with Aromatisse for a number of reasons. Aromatisse species love to spew foul odors from their bodies that will cause many Pokémon to lose their minds. Although Doflamingo might have doubts about Aromatisse, its flamenco-looking design and power would appeal to him.

1 Akainu would use Groudon’s land expansion powers to take down the pirates.

Akainu and Groudon

Despite fans’ hatred for the pain Akainu caused Luffy and his family, many point out that he is a serious fleet admiral and will do whatever it takes to make sure the pirates pay for their crimes. He is severe and overly arrogant towards others even before his promotion and will restore order in any way he sees fit.

These characteristics of Akainu and the powers he possesses would fit well with Groudon as both characters dabble in magma-like abilities. Additionally, Groudon is known for being able to expand continents, cause volcanic eruptions, and devastate his enemies. Considering how Akainu loves justice, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that she wouldn’t use Groudon’s power to complete her goals.

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