10 times Boruto acted his age (and suffered for it)

Boruto’s development as a character is quite good, helping him overcome many of his previous flaws without making it perfect. Arguably developing faster than his father during the early part of NarutoBut they both suffer a lot from the moments when they act their age.

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Given everything that happens in both series, it’s easy to forget how young Boruto is. He’s not even close to being on the cusp of adulthood, and it shows with something of his immaturity.

10 He fell into the depths of despair because he did not have the Byakugan

Boruto Jogan

When Boruto’s Jogan activated, he instantly thought that his Byakugan had awakened and given his heritage, it was not an incorrect assumption. Feeling proud of having grown stronger, he bragged to his family, leading them to explain that this was not possible.

The answer was also echoed by Hiashi, prompting him to have to train with Hanabi to prove that he had activated the dojutsu. After the spar proved his parents were right, Boruto instantly felt dejected and depressed.

9 He vandalized the Hokage statue just so he could spend time with his father

naruto vs boruto

Part of the blame has to fall on Naruto here, as Boruto wouldn’t have to take such extreme and childish measures if his father only paid proper attention to him.

That said, Boruto’s actions were those of a child, feeling that all attention is good, even if it is the negative type. His ploy to get Naruto to help him clean up the disfigured Hokage Rock together even failed, earning him nothing more than a quick lesson before Naruto left.

8 Being angry at Naruto for leaving, which allowed Sarada to spend time with her dad

Most of Boruto’s anger towards Naruto is justified, but in this case, it was misplaced. He had no reason to be mad at his father for going on a mission before actually firing him.

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If the Hokage himself leaves to do something, it is important and, in this case, it is Shin. Instead of chasing after him like Mitsuki suggested, he gave Sarada lunch and pouted. That decision allowed Sarada to spend time with her father that could easily have been hers.

7 Forgot to receive Himawari’s gift in Kirigakure, annoying her

Boruto's soft fist

When Boruto went on a school trip to Kirigakure, he promised to bring his little sister Himawari something. Given what happened while he was there, Boruto can relax a bit.

He helped stop an insurrection by the new Seven Swordsman of the Mists, alongside Mitsuki and Chojuro. He doesn’t entirely excuse her actions, as he could easily have gotten her something when she first arrived, and she had every right to be upset, especially when she initially lied about it.

6 Having no goals beyond being better than his father led Kakashi to yell at his lack of determination

When the graduations rolled around, Boruto was forced to realize how little he cared about being a ninja. While being interviewed by Kakashi in disguise, he saw that the only reason he joined the academy was to prove that he was stronger than his father.

This lack of focus was further reprimanded when all the academy students received the bell test, telling Boruto that he weakened all of his friends due to his laziness and lack of drive. A good development started for Boruto, but not without taking a hit to his ego.

5 His ego continually led him to lose sight of the importance of teamwork.

Arrogance is something Boruto sadly suffers from all the time. It happens at the beginning of the series when he thinks that he is becoming a great hero because of his Jogan. He sticks his head out after graduation and begins to brag about doing things on his own and not needing equipment, ignoring everything Kakashi tried to teach him.

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The attitude captured another lesson from Naruto, one that led him to explode with his father once again, further fracturing what little relationship they had at the time.

4 His desire to show his strength led him to use Kote and to be disqualified from the Chunin exams.

Boruto Chunin Exams Cheat

One of the worst acts of Boruto’s childish nature was the fact that he chose to use the Kote during the Chunin exams. He fooled many children of the opportunities they worked hard for, including his best friend Shikidai.

That total disregard for others is something that makes Boruto completely disgusting at times and why Naruto was right to call him in front of everyone. He was a disappointment to something other than his father that day.

3 Attempting to attack Momoshiki with his kote after Otsutsuki’s arrival

It’s hard to completely blame Boruto for this as attacking an intruder tends to be most people’s first reaction to an intruder, that or running away. The problem is that he didn’t even stop to assess the situation and simply rushed forward, launching an assault that was absorbed by the Otsutsuki member.

Forcing Naruto to intervene to protect his son, Sasuke soon arrived to do the same. Boruto was too young to realize the power gap and too impatient to strategize.

two Lying to his parents to join Sasuke in Land Of Wind put him in Urashiki’s sights

Urashiki looking down at Boruto

Even as he developed in character, Boruto continued to have moments when he was a petulant child, and a prime example of that was lying to his family so that he could follow Sasuke.

He took a train to the Land of the Wind and caught Sasuke and Gaara fighting Urashiki, leading him into a conflict he should never have been involved in. Worse than that, he blew up his family.

1 Abandoning his first B-rank mission almost led to Shojoji eating him

When Boruto found out that his new friend Tento had been kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits, he decided to handle the situation himself, having Sarada cover for him. The fact that Boruto wanted to save his friend is quite noble, but running half and without a plan was not so much.

Once he came face to face with the boss, Shojoji, they put him in his place quite quickly and he almost ended up as the bandit’s next meal. Fortunately, Boruto’s teammates arrived to save him.

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