A Batman ally is questioning the Dark Knight’s most important rule

An Outsider just lifted the veil on one of the biggest myths surrounding Gotham City’s Dark Knight, and he simply recast everything Batman has done in a shocking way.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for John Ridley, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Adrea Cucchi, Jose Villarrubia, and Steve Wands for The Other History of the DC Universe # 3, on sale now.

There are many heroes in the DC Universe with a close working relationship with the Dark Knight, and they all have their own opinions about the often questionable actions he takes in the pursuit of justice. For some, Bruce Wayne is less progressive than you would have them believe, and it is this nature that gets him into trouble. Others would argue that he is far less calculating than his track record might suggest, questioning how efficient his tactics really are. To Tatsu Yamashiro, aka Katana, both are true in the worst possible way, and she just questioned Batman’s “one rule” that has defined him for almost as long as he’s been around.

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The third entry in The other story of the DC universe details the many births of Tatsu Yamashiro. Early in her life she was content to care for her children and worship her husband until her jealous brother-in-law took it all away from her in a bloody rampage. After killing him, she embarked on the life of a mercenary and an assassin. During this time, Tatsu became known for both her trademark weapon and deadly prowess, earning her the name Katana. During a mission to the small European nation of Markovia, Katana’s own interests aligned with those of Batman and the Outsiders. Although they all worked together to save the day, so to speak, Katana discovered that Batman’s own methods were the direct antithesis of the greater myth that had been born around him.

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Katana describes the almost inhuman reputation that Batman had built around him almost as something out of a nightmare, although she personally considered him little more than “a man in disguise with serious anger issues”. No matter how much fear the Dark Knight instilled in others, it all came with a caveat: Batman doesn’t kill people. On what might be the biggest lie her myth was based on, that Batman didn’t kill people was something Katana found particularly insulting.

Between the indiscriminate use of brutal force through swords, beatings, and “enhanced interrogation” techniques, there were certainly more than a few bodies left after Bruce passed. Worst of all, everyone who supported him believed the lie, or at least pretended they did.

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This idea that Batman’s actions often had lethal consequences is not new, although it is comforting to see it recognized by another hero on the comic page. While the myth of a Batman who somehow always avoided dispensing with death went a long way to making the people of Gotham City feel safe under his protection, the fact that so many others have known of his fictional status all along reformulates the hero completely.

If Katana is right, that would mean dozens, if not hundreds, of politicians and city officials looking the other way for decades, as Batman unleashed his own style of justice against those he deemed worthy. This also calls into question the tolerance that other equally “noble” heroes have for this level of unintentional violence. It’s hard to imagine a world where Superman pretends he didn’t notice when someone’s heart stops beating, but after this revelation by Katana, it’s just as hard to imagine that it’s not already the world these heroes have been in. been living. during years.

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