Amazon’s Invincible: 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About The Hero

Invincible recently released on Amazon as an animated adaptation of the long-running Image Comics series by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. The series centers on Mark Grayson, a teenager who develops superpowers and discovers that he is part of a powerful alien legacy that takes many comic tropes and turns them upside down.

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Grayson becomes Invincible, a classic superhero who fights alongside other teenage heroes and against enemies who may not be all they seem. Nothing is what it seems in the comics, which often play on the expectations and assumptions that heroes have about themselves and that others have about them.

10 Half-Viltrumite

In the comics, Mark Grayson’s story bears some superficial similarities to Superman’s origin. But while Kal-El arrived as a baby from Krypton, Mark is the son of Omni-Man, an alien Viltrumite from the planet Viltrum. He settled on Earth as her protector and married a human woman.

This revelation changes Mark’s life. He then waits in hopes of developing powers like his heroic father, which is not certain to happen. His powers are manifested when Mark throws a sack of garbage and ends up flying into the sky. From then on, his powers expand and grow.

9 The plague virus

Omni-Man Viltrumite Ships

Part of the reason Omni-Man came to Earth is a terrible affliction called the Plague Virus. This virus was created by the Viltrumites but it ended up being their downfall. The plague wiped out all but a handful of them, robbing them of their inherent power and invulnerability.

This caused Omni-Man to come to Earth disguised as Nolan Grayson. In later issues of the comic, Mark is also infected with the virus and loses his powers as a result. He eventually gets them back.

8 His friend made his costume

Invincible comic character and title

How superheroes get their costumes is a common origin story trope. Mark follows in his father’s footsteps by having his friend, Art, make his costume for him. Art designed the Omni-Man costume and other uniforms for other superheroes.

Mark did not have a superhero alias when he first entered Art, which hampered the design process. He chose the name Invincible after his director told him he wasn’t (after Mark defended a friend against a bully).

7 Invincible powers

Mark from the animated TV show Invincible

Mark Grayson lives up to his name. It is essentially invulnerable thanks to its half-virtulmite heritage. Beyond that, he has a variety of powers including super strength, stamina, and speed that bring him in line with characters like Superman or powerful Marvel heroes like Captain Marvel.

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Mark often uses his powers to produce devastating effects in the comics. It may come as no surprise that the series was created by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, given how violent the cartoon is so far. His blows show true power and consequences, which are often bloody.

6 The teenage team

Mark soon discovers that there are other teenage heroes and some of them have formed a group called the Teen Team. This squad, not unlike the Teen Titans in DC Comics. Although they do not have headquarters or spy planes that they fly in, the team is very powerful and capable.

Mark joins the team and they go on many adventures together in the comics. The teen team is made up of Robot, Rex Plode, Dupli-Kate, and Atom Eve. Mark would form a close bond with Atom Eve, who discovered that she was in fact Samantha Eve, a student at his school.

5 Eve atom

invincible and eve flying

As with many Teen Titans romantic partners, Invincible and Atom Eve become allies and romantic partners. But unlike many superhero love interests, Samantha is a hero in her own right. She is his equal in power, capable of flying, firing energy bolts, and altering matter at the molecular level.

Mark’s relationship with Samantha is long and complex in the comics. The two fall in love and stay together through many ups and downs, including the loss of a son and their suffering in the line of duty.

4 Tested by Allen The Alien

Allen Alien Invincible

One of the many superhero tropes that the comic subverts early on is who’s and who’s not a villain. Invincible faces off against Allen The Alien, whom he understands as a supervillain who regularly gets into fights with superheroes. But Mark discovers that Allen is not an alien at all.

Omni-Man had always considered Allen a villain due to his attacks on heroes, but it turns out that Allen is actually a hero. Your mission is to test the heroes of various planets and prepare them for cosmic threats.

3 Connections with other Image Comics superheroes

Invincible takes place in the Image Comics superhero universe. This is confirmed when classic Image heroes like Spawn and Savage Dragon appear at a funeral in Invincible. Mark has also appeared in their titles, particularly Wild dragon by writer and artist Erik Larsen.

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But the heroes in the picture will not appear in the Amazon animated series. This is mainly due to rights issues, which are in the hands of individual creators like Larsen or Todd McFarlane. McFarlane is currently chasing a reboot for his movie Spawn.

two Inner ear weakness

Invincible TV show trailer

Mark Grayson has a tremendous amount of power. One of his few weaknesses is unique to him. Mark suffers from an inner ear vulnerability that can actually be fatal. To fly, you need a perfect balance. If that is interrupted, he cannot fly and may even be severely disabled.

Particular sound tones and frequencies can disable him, making him vulnerable to enemies who know his condition. So far it appears that he is the only Viltrumite with this weakness.

1 The truth about the Viltrumites


Kal-El’s Kryptonian heritage is largely positive, inherited from the nobility of his parents. Mark discovers a great secret about his father and the Viltrumites that changes his entire world: they were villains.

This is revealed in the comics when Omni-Man kills an entire team of heroes, the Guardians of the Globe. The Viltrumites were a warrior race that conquered and brutalized others, including the world of Allen the Alien. The show has already revealed this twist, but it doesn’t happen in the comics for many years.

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