American Idol: Lionel Richie’s Salary and How Much Money He’s Made On The Show

American Idol judge and R&B / soul legend Lionel Richie earns a huge salary on television. Find out your net worth and how much you earn on the program.

Lionel Richie assumed his role as judge in american idol after building an incredibly successful career spanning several decades. Without a doubt, Lionel Richie has one of the most memorable voices and one of the most impressive song catalogs in the entire music industry. Best known for “Hello”, “Tell me, tell me”, “All night (all night)”, “Stuck on you”, “Dancing on the ceiling” and “Endless love” with Diana Ross, Lionel was also responsible to write the anthem “We Are The World” with Michael Jackson.

When the production team first approached Lionel Richie to be a judge on the american idol reboot on ABC, the R&B legend was offered a starting salary of $ 2.5 million per season (via Page six). But as Lionel declined, he eventually accepted the counter offer to receive $ 10 million per season on the show, which was reported by WSJ. After serving as a judge in four seasons of american idol, Lionel has made at least $ 40 million from the series. Unfortunately, this reality TV season is just a new gig for the singer, who has made a living by earning royalties from his classic hits.

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Calculated by CelebrityNetWorth, Lionel Richie has a reported net worth of $ 200 million and resides in a Beverly Hills mansion worth $ 11 million. In all, Lionel has sold more than 90 million albums. The singer-songwriter has also won four Grammy Awards and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. In 2016, his career was celebrated with a Johnny Mercer Award, the highest honor in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. That year, Lionel also began a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. While the details behind that deal are unknown, Las Vegas residencies generally offer large payouts for the artists involved.

Aside from releasing original music and judging american idol Season 19, Lionel Richie also has an extensive list of promotional products and branded merchandise, which have been very lucrative for him. For example, he has his signature fragrance, Hello, and his own line of home décor products, Lionel Richie Home. The COVID-19 pandemic has halted all concert series, but Lionel has already booked a European tour for the summer of 2022.

The american idol The reboot doesn’t seem to be in danger of being canceled anytime soon, and fans certainly love seeing Lionel Richie as a judge on the show. The R&B / soul legend is likely to make a comeback in the new seasons, as he has developed great chemistry alongside Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. At 71, Lionel shows no signs of slowing down.

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american idol Season 19 airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET / PT on ABC.

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