Attack on Titan: 10 times Eren acted like a child

Among shonen anime MCs, Eren Yeager is controversial. He is undoubtedly popular and well-loved, but there are doubts as to whether he is really a leading man. As Light Yagami from Death Note, Eren’s behavior is dangerously close to villainy.

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Eren’s behavior is usually childish. However, this does not always mean that their childish behavior is evil. In fact, sometimes Eren’s ignorance is cute.

10 Before capturing the power of hardening, Eren has to shed a few tears to mark the death of his innocence.

Eren _ Attack on Titan _ Season 3

Few Attack Titan Fans will always forget the sparkling diamond cave that Rod Reiss trapped Eren and Historia in during the last half of season three. After being kidnapped and nearly eaten, Eren is forced to step forward to save his friends. Of course, before Eren can save his friends, they have to save him.

Rather than prepare for the arrival of his friends, Eren uses the time leading up to Levi and Mikasa’s arrival to mourn his lost innocence. Up to this point in the story, Eren believes his cause is just and right. When he discovers that his father is a revolutionary, he responds as any child would if they found out that their father was not the perfect caregiver they imagined them to be.

9 Thanks to Mikasa in season 1, Eren doesn’t have another outburst towards his friends until he insults Mikasa in season 4

One of Eren’s most childish qualities that never goes away is his habit of insulting his friends before truly exploring his own emotions. In the first season of the anime, Eren almost lost Armin’s friendship by calling him a coward the moment his hometown was destroyed by the Titans.

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Fortunately, Mikasa steps in as a father figure and crushes Eren’s face for daring to insult the best boy of all, Armin. Although fans may see this as a clear gap in Eren and Mikasa’s relationship, it just goes to show how two people can grow up in the exact same environment and still mature at completely different rates.

8 Eren embraces the selfish behavior of a boy when he chooses to invade Marley before warning his allies

Eren Alone in Marley

Eren’s actions in the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan have been controversial among fans of the series and members of the Scouts. By invading Marley on his own, Eren forced his allies into war before even asking for their diplomatic opinion on the matter.

Considering the relationship Eren has with his fellow Scouts, let alone longtime friends Mikasa and Armin, Eren’s invasion of Marley was childishly selfish. There was absolutely no reason why Eren couldn’t have carried out his scouting mission while keeping his allies well-informed. If he had done this, there would have been no reason to drag Falco into his plan in the first place.

7 The moment Zeke mentions Grisha Yeager, Eren falls apart like the brat baby that he is.

Eren _ Zeke _ Attack on Titan

By the time it became clear that Eren and Zeke had been conspiring together since Eren’s secret invasion of Marley, the entire AoT fanbase let out a collective sigh of disgust. Eren not only forced his friends to join him in the war, but also hid his true intentions from them before and after doing so. Prioritizing information like power is quite childish, but betraying your longtime friends for a man you barely know because they have information about your father is a completely different level of childish.

On top of this, Zeke is manipulating Eren so clearly with nods to their shared kinship that any man capable of waging war should be able to see right through it.

6 Despite being surrounded by the world’s best titan assassins, Eren still questions his authority without offering a useful alternative.

Conspiracy to Capture the Female Titan _ Attack on Titan

Questioning authority is not inherently childish, but it is if those asking the questions are not prepared to offer an alternative solution. Levi makes it very clear that Eren is not wrong in questioning whether he should turn into a Titan to help capture the Female Titan. Instead, Eren is wrong to question his allies without providing a workaround by becoming a Titan to help.

Transforming into a Titan may also have been an immature way to handle this situation considering the plan Erwin had prepared, but anything would have been better than the way Eren danced around the decision before finally choosing to risk his own life.

5 Absolute statements like “I will kill until the last titan” are the perfect example of childhood ignorance.

Eren _ Attack on Titan

Although threatening genocide may seem like a very tough and grown-up thing to do, it is actually extremely childish. To assume that a whole group of people must be treated in one way because of the way some of them act is as ignorant as it is immature. When Eren claims that he is going to kill all the Titans before he even fully understands what the Titans are, he condemns himself to a path full of death and destruction.

Eren continues this trend of immaturity in the more recent anime episodes by assuming that eugenics is better than genocide. Since this series began, Eren has approached the Titans with a childlike assault that will one day get him killed.

4 By insulting Mikasa, Eren demonstrates how childishly misplaced anger looks

One of the most recent episodes of Attack on Titan created a strong rift between Mikasa and Eren by allowing the series’ new antagonist to finally share the feelings he has been harboring for Mikasa since the first season. Eren has never been a fan of Mikasa because of the way she gets in the way of him being the strongest.

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For some reason, Eren thinks he should be the one to fight for freedom and save the day. Every time he forces his way into battle, it is to show that he is capable. The young man’s ego is so deflated that he can’t even admit that he’s a bit jealous of Mikasa’s success. It’s clear that Eren has always hated the fact that Mikasa was able to enter the fray and leave without being caught or injured, but his childish brain has never been able to accept that fact.

3 Despite being a soft boy from the start, Eren childishly demands strength and stoicism.

Eren has been a soft boy since the first episode of the anime series. When he is first introduced to Mikasa, Eren begins to cry from a terrifying dream. This moment makes it clear that Eren is a sensitive young man who can stand out from the stereotypes of a male lead.

Unfortunately, all of this is ruined the moment Eren tries to hide the fact that he was crying. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shedding a few tears. Despite being a soft boy, it’s clear that Eren still has some childish ideas about how he should and shouldn’t act.

two Nothing is more beautiful as a kid than a nerdy binge all night

Hange drooling on Attack On Titan

When Hange confronts Eren after the attack on Marley, she reminds him of the night the two spent talking about the mystery of the Titans in the first season of the anime. When Eren was just a cadet, he and Hange spent an entire night sharing the details they had about the Titan species. At times like these, it was hard to believe that Eren would ever take the dark path that he is on now.

There is nothing more beautiful than the childlike energy it takes to stay up all night and talk about ideas and theories about the state of the world. Hange seems to have carried this childish behavior into adulthood, which may be one reason why many fans love the scientist Titan so much.

1 Eren childishly dreams of being absolutely free, even though absolute freedom does not exist

In listing Eren’s childish behavior, it should be noted that Eren was at one point a literal child during the runtime of Attack on Titan. Although he’s certainly behaving immaturely as a young adult in the most recent season, most of his childish demeanor can be seen during flashbacks to his childhood.

During a flashback between Armin and Eren, the pair of friends dream of a life beyond the walls. Armin dreams of an open sea full of salt, while Eren dreams of freedom and profit. These childhood dreams are cute and even endearing. If only Eren had dreamed of something more specific or achievable than absolute freedom, he may not have found himself in the position he is in today.

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