Below Cover: What has Francesca Rubi been up to since Season 8 ended?

There is no news yet on Below Deck season 9. But in the meantime, find out what head chef Francesca Rubi has been up to in her spare time.

After all the drama of the eighth season of Below deck, fans are now wondering what the cast is up to after the show. The ninth season of the popular Bravo series has yet to be announced and may or may not be delayed due to the pandemic. But the eighth season delighted viewers with many shows, including two crew members who were fired and Captain Lee had to brief staff on the pandemic, which exploded while they were on the high seas. While waiting for a possible next season, Francesca Rubi has been having fun and staying close to the water.

Viewers for season eight were shocked when Captain Lee let Francesca Rubi personally fire Elizabeth Frankini. Even though Rubi was the one who experienced the most trouble with Frankini, it is generally the captain’s duty to take the actual shot. While Captain Lee agreed that it was time for Frankini to leave, he left the task to Rubi, possibly at the request of the show’s producers, who had been toying with the antagonistic relationship between the two.

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On the yacht, Francesca Rubi can be all business, but in her spare time, she knows how to have fun. He has been taking advantage of the Australian summer to practice a lot of surfing. He loves adventure, especially travel. While he hasn’t been able to do much of that with the pandemic, he has been able to hit the beaches, even meet up with Ashling Lorger and post a photo of the two of them together on it. Instagram.

Like most reality TV stars, Rubi has started promoting brands on her Instagram, which may provide some additional income. He also published an article in the Australian magazine Body + Soul. In the article, she talked about several people who have helped inspire her, including her mother, who has always encouraged Rubi throughout her different careers. Thanks to that support, she has never been afraid to pursue what she wants and is willing to work hard to achieve it.

While Rubi has been successful in her yachting work, including the My seanna, there is no guarantee that he will return for the ninth season. Everything seems to be still up in the air. However, there is hope, as the producers of other shows have figured out ways to get around the restrictions while keeping everyone involved safe. Popular Below deck derivative show Sailing yacht they carefully chose the filming location, quarantined the ship and film crews on the ship, and conducted frequent tests for COVID-19. This additional planning allowed them to film an entire season, even at the height of the pandemic. Viewers would love to see Francesca Rubi return for season nine, along with Captain Lee, Ashling Lorger, and some new faces.

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