Boruto: 10 times Sasuke’s past haunted him again

Sasuke’s past is quite dark, but he is making an effort to become a better person in Boruto. Unfortunately, his past still haunts him occasionally.

Nobody in Naruto or Boruto it has a history as vast and tragic as Sasuke’s. Everything in Uchiha’s story centers on tragedy, from the acts his brother Itachi committed to the revenge tour that followed after that. He made him an eternally angry character who lashed out at anyone who couldn’t help him achieve his goals.

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Any character with this kind of story will surely drag him back, and this happens to Sasuke on numerous occasions. You can never hope to leave your past behind, no matter how much you redeem yourself.

10 His Uchiha blood made him a target of Shin

Naruto Shin Uchiha

It can hardly be considered Sasuke’s fault that he is one of only two Uchiha left in the world, but that lineage is exactly what led him to be a target of Shin. Shin wanted to erase the shame from the clan, proving that he was superior in the process. It’s what led him to send his clone after him. Fortunately for Sasuke, his power levels were far above Shin or any of his clones, placing him firmly among the strongest living ninjas.

9 Her past life caused Sakura to be kidnapped by Shin

Shin Uchiha

When Shin’s revenge began, his target soon shifted from Sasuke to his family, realizing that he couldn’t reach the Uchiha by conventional means. He loved Sarada but settled for the girl’s mother, Sakura. He hoped she would make a hook to lure her targets to him. What he didn’t count on was that Sakura was no longer a damsel in distress. She launched an assault on him and took advantage of Sasuke’s trust in her, showing that she had nothing to worry about.

8 The nature of his deeds made him an outcast, fracturing his relationship with his daughter.

sarada sasuke

The relationship Sasuke and Sarada have with each other is not always stable. While it’s not as bad as Boruto and Naruto at the beginning of the series, it wasn’t exactly happy or ideal. Sasuke’s time away from the village caused a disconnect between the two.

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Sarada saw him as some kind of superhero, and was immensely disappointed when he was as normal as everyone else. It didn’t help that Sasuke didn’t know how to talk to her at all.

7 Sasuke’s journey of redemption leads to him being attacked by Kinshiki and Momoshiki

Sasuke fighting Kinshiki

Much of the blank period and the first half of Boruto focuses on Sasuke’s journey of redemption and his investigation into Kaguya’s origins. To atone for his past actions, he guarded the village from afar, operating in a somewhat similar manner to his brother. His suspicions about Kaguya turn out to be correct when Momoshiki and Kinshiki appear, leading to a short and intense fight with Kinshiki before he leaves.

6 Sasuke’s past actions embarrassed him during the Time-Slip arc

sasuke and boruto

The time slip arc was an unpredictable type of filler, much like its main villain, Urashiki. He had some great moments, but otherwise it was nothing special. He provided an interesting story with Sasuke as he faced the actions of his past self, lamenting with Boruto that he felt that leaving was the only way he could get revenge on Itachi. While Sasuke was always ashamed of what he did, it came to a head here.

5 Sasuke sees firsthand how much his departure affected Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke Time Slip Arc

Sasuke’s past appears numerous times during the Time Slip arc, always bringing shame to the Uchiha, but none more so than when he is forced to interact with a younger form of himself.

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He sees firsthand how much his departure affected Naruto, understanding that Naruto always blamed himself for not being able to change his friend’s opinion. While Sasuke manages to renew Naruto’s vigor, it is a stark reminder of his past.

4 His possession of the Mangekyo Sharingan and its power made Sarada take an interest in it.

Sasuke Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

The demons of Sasuke’s past always linger within him, and it is something that he can never change or escape. What you can do is make sure your daughter does not try to follow the same path. With the way his daughter idolizes him, it’s not surprising that she wants to try and emulate her father’s power. It first started with her desire to learn Chidori from him and transformed into her asking about the Mangekyo Sharingan, something that legitimately scared Sasuke.

3 His lost arm was constantly a detriment in battle

The final battle between Sasuke and Naruto has lasting ramifications for both of them, with their final clash taking an arm from each of them. Naruto smartly decided to get another one, while Sasuke chose to live his life with just one. It worked as a form of regret, always reminding Sasuke of what his previous life was like. He didn’t perform as well in combat as Sasuke was always at a disadvantage to him, especially when it came to taijutsu style fights that fill Boruto.

two Garashi Tono reminds him of his anger in the past

When Kara began to lead the series, Garashi was the first outsider they came into contact with. He was a devoted follower of Kara due to being an orphan from Amegakure, still ravaged by the war. He blamed the rest of the world, only seeing things with anger in his eyes, just like Sasuke when he was a genin. Even though Sasuke’s words tried to influence them, they fell on deaf ears, just as Naruto did so many years ago.

1 Sasuke remembers Itachi after interrogating Lily in Sasuke Shinden

Sasuke shiden

The second Sasuke shinden delves into an organization known as Purple Moon Religion, a group of naturalists who oppose the growing spread of technology around the world. The book begins with a train bombing in which Sasuke learns that Lily’s father has something to do with it and is willing to do whatever he can to get answers, including using his sharingan. Sarada has to stop him, telling him that she will never give up on Sasuke no matter what. It reminds Sasuke of Itachi who did the same, causing him to give in.

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