Breaking Bad Star shares a deleted party scene from the pilot

To celebrate his birthday, Breaking Bad student Dean Norris shares a deleted scene showing Hank Schraeder celebrating at Walter White’s house.

Breaking bad Student Dean Norris celebrated his birthday with a different twist.

Norris posted a deleted scene from the pilot of Breaking bad to Instagram, which features Hank Schraeder arriving at Walter White’s home to celebrate his birthday. “Happy birthday, you idiot!” Hank bellows as he holds up two bottles of liquor. “Let’s start this party!”

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“Thanks for all the birthday love. Here’s a deleted scene from Breaking Bad, Hanks first,” Norris wrote. During Breaking badHank, who was a DEA agent, went on the hunt for White’s alter ego, Heisenberg. Over the course of the series, Hank went to more extreme measures to capture Heisenberg, eventually being killed by Jack Welker’s men after discovering the truth about White.

Norris recently reprized his role in season 5 of Better call Saul, which serves as a prequel to the events of Breaking bad. Hank and his partner Steven Gomez tried to question Domingo Molina about the Gus Fring operation until Saul Goodman managed to get Molina into DEA custody because of his quick talk. The last season of Better call Saul is scheduled to premiere in 2022 on AMC.

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