Creed 3’s Michael B. Jordan Explains Why Stallone’s Rocky Is Not Returning

Last week, Sylvester Stallone revealed that he won’t be returning as Rocky for 2022’s Creed 3, and star director Michael B. Jordan explains why.

Michael B. Jordan Explains Why Sylvester Stallone Won’t Appear In Next Creed 3. In 2015, Jordan teamed up with Ryan Coogler to revive the beloved. Rocky franchise, albeit with a new angle. Set years after the original movies, Creed focuses on Adonis (Jordan), son of heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). When Adonis begins his own boxing career, he turns to Rocky Balboa (Stallone) as a mentor. Creed was a success when it was released and led to the release of a sequel in 2018, which continued the story of Adonis and Rocky.

Noises of a Creed 3 It started around the time of the sequel’s release, and it recently gained a lot of traction behind the scenes. This time, Jordan will be the one sitting in the director’s chair and Rocky will not have a role. That’s right: Stallone won’t be in Creed 3. He confirmed the news himself last week, responding to a fan’s question on social media. The story of Creed 3 It has yet to be revealed, and it remains to be seen how Rocky’s absence will be explained. However, it seems that their presence will still be felt significantly.

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While talking to IGN about his new movie Tom Clancy with no regrets, Jordan responded to the question why Stallone will not return for Creed 3. Ultimately, it’s about promoting the Adonis story in his own franchise, although he will always have a bit of his mentor within him. Jordan said:

“Yeah, I think Sly let it be known that he wouldn’t be coming back for this one, but I think, you know, his essence and his spirit … there will always be a little bit of Rocky inside Adonis. But this is a Creed franchise, and really we want to build this story and this world around him in the future. So it’s always respect and always a ton of love for what he’s built, but we really want to push and guide Adonis forward and the one he created. So I hope you love what I’m thinking … what we’re cooking. I think it’s going to be something special. “

Jordan’s reasoning makes perfect sense, and even sounds like a promising development for Creed 3. Having Rocky in the first movie added the perfect dose of nostalgia and enhanced both his character and that of Adonis. However, in the sequel there was a feeling that it was not entirely necessary, and to include it in Creed 3 could have taken it too far. Instead, the franchise can move forward with a focus on Adonis without discussing an unnecessary story for Rocky. If only, Creed 3 will find a way to honor Rocky’s impact on Adonis without Stallone there.

Stallone may not return for Creed 3, but Tessa Thompson is set to make a third appearance as Adonis’s girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Bianca. The project is currently expected to begin filming later this year ahead of its Thanksgiving debut in 2022, so it’s likely a while before more plot details are revealed. It will be a bit disappointing not to have Stallone return for another Rocky performance, but Jordan’s reasoning is solid. It’s the best that Creed 3 goes beyond Rocky and gives Adonis a story that is completely his own. You may still have ties to the original movies, but this time, you will face it alone.

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Fountain: IGN

  • Creed III (2022)Release Date: Nov 23, 2022

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